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    Most OMG Worthy Gossip Girl Moments

    This month marks 10 years since Gossip Girl first transported viewers into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite and to celebrate here's a list of some of the top Gossip Girl moments. It was extremely hard to narrow down so many amazing moments but here's a few, read at your own risk as there are obviously some spoilers.

    12. The entire Juliet storyline

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    Love her or hate her, Juliet Sharp's storyline was full of omg moments, from her control of Hamilton House to when she drugged Serena. Season four would not have been the same if it wasn't for Juliet and her brother Ben.

    11. Bart Bass dies

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    Bart Bass is revealed to be alive at the end of season five and then he dies for real this time in the penultimate episode of the series when Chuck and Blair let him fall to his death.

    10. Blair kisses Dan

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    Dan tells Blair he thinks they should be sure there's nothing between them and then when he hesitates Blair pulls him forward and kisses him. A moment that caused a mixture of positive and negative reactions from fans.

    9. Nate mistakes Jenny for Serena

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    It's still shocking that Nate didn't double check he was talking to Serena and not some random blonde during this scene, however, Nate tells Jenny he still has feelings for Serena while believing Jenny is Serena and causes a whole lot of drama in doing so.

    8. The five years later scene

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    Nate may or may not be running for Mayor, Blair and Chuck have a son called Henry, Jenny and Blair are working together, Ivy wrote an autobiography and Olivia and Lola are starring in the film adaptation, Dan and Serena are finally getting married and there's a new generation with their own Gossip Girl...and that's just scratching the surface of the flash forward.

    7. Dorota gets engaged

    The CW / Via

    Fan favourite Dorota got engaged half way through a game of assassin and if that's not iconic then idk what is.

    6. Chuck and Blair have a car accident

    The CW / Via

    Chuck and Blair get into the wrong car and just as Blair finally decides to end her relationship with Louis for Chuck their car crashes, what makes this even more shocking is the aftermath which results in Blair having a miscarriage and Nate finding out the car was tampered with and was meant to be for him.

    5. A pregnant Georgina tells Dan he's going to be a father

    CW / Via

    Georgina Sparks makes her end of season return to shock Dan and the audience with her pregnancy.

    4. Blair loses her virginity to Chuck

    The CW / Via

    The same night Blair breaks up with Nate she visits Chuck's burlesque club and by the end of the night the two are making out in the back of a limo sparking arguably the show's best romance.

    3. Dan Humphrey is revealed as Gossip Girl

    The CW / Via

    That's right after six seasons of guessing Lonely Boy was finally revealed to be Gossip Girl. The outsider wrote his way into the lives of the elite and in the end married the girl of his dreams.

    2. Serena tells Blair she killed someone

    The CW / Via

    The audience finds out what else happened the night of the Shepherd wedding and learn that Serena sleeping with Nate was not the only reason she ran away.

    1. Chuck gets shot

    The CW / Via

    At the end of the season three finale, Chuck is robbed while in Prague and fights to hold onto an engagement ring he purchased for Blair, however, he is shot and left bleeding on the ground.

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