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8 Ways GoPro Can Make You (Yes, You) A Hero.

At the end of the day, no true hero ever believes they sincerely are one. Here are 8 reasons demonstrating how GoPro can make anyone, especially you, a hero.

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Our current digital world has us wanting to document the most remarkable moments throughout our lives, with high-quality cameras already installed onto our phones, the thought of carrying a professional camera is a secondary thought. This does not mean we don't suffer moments where we wish we had a small and convenient device that can tolerate the world around us while capturing exceptional details.

Here are 8 ways how GoPro can help you save the day...

1. Adventure

Whether it's rock climbing, jumping off planes, snowboarding or diving into deep waters, GoPro was thinking about you. All thanks to the father of GoPro, Nick Woodman, an adventurist who was once a broke surfer and now multi-billionaire; there is a GoPro Mount for every adventure you want to become a part of and now even better with the latest GoPro Hero5 Black that doesn't require a case to be waterproof.

Most Popular Mount: Depends.

2. Insurance

People are placing GoPros on their Dashboards and motorcycles because of the high-quality video it offers and for the most important reason: Insurance. Ensuring justice when it comes to proving accidents on the road. This is a practicality that will not be needed to save every day but when at hand in an accident, it may make all of the difference.

You never know once you leave home what could happen, it’s better to be safe than sorry..

Most Popular Mount: Car Dashboard Mount.

3. Proposals

Wedding season is here and there have been countless documented proposals that newly engaged men have captured while having a GoPro attached to or near them. GoPro's Chest Piece, strapped around the person's chest, allows you to capture the love of your life's every movement into surprisement. The moment is one you and her will want to see and relive again.

Most Popular Mount: GoPro’s Chest Piece

4. Vlogs & Tutorials

Whether it's your hobby or your career, with a 4K camera and LCD screen in the back that lets you time lapse and shoot photos as well as videos, you're guaranteed to have no problem sending out the key message you wish to send out. GoPro also offers its own free video editing software, GoPro Studio and its free GoPro App which makes sharing your pics incredibly easy for your brand.

No matter your passion, GoPro encourages you.

Most Popular Mount: Tripod & Selfie Stick.

5. Animal POV

Imagine understanding your loving dog or cat by viewing things from their point of view. With the convenience of the lightweight GroPro Hero5 Session weighing only 0.28 lbs., parents of fur babies have done incredible things to view their life from a different angle and even from new heights and speed without disturbing the animal they strap it to.

Most Popular Mount: GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

6. Medicine & Academia

Yes, it’s getting serious and GoPro could even help Doctors in operating rooms. Surgeons at the University of Chicago Medical Center have used GoPro’s camera to record four procedures and two breast reconstructions from a surgeon's point of view. As quoted by Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open, “When set to a narrow field of view and automatic white balance, the camera is able to sufficiently compensate for the contrasting light environment of the operating room and capture high-resolution detailed video.”

Most Popular Mount: GoPro Head Strap Mount.

7. Family Videos

No matter who’s visiting or where you’re all headed, you’ll at least know you’ll never have another boring vacation video. Even during the Holidays, you can get creative and hide one under a special gift to get your loved one’s surprised reaction. Not only is it “kid-friendly” due to its simplicity but it’s pretty much childproof. That’s right... toss it. They’re made for a few knocks and heavy resistant weather so why wouldn’t it be able to last throughout our child’s day-to-day activities?

Most Popular Mount: Chest Piece, JR Chesty Mount & Selfie Stick.

8. Show Your Art

GoPro can cling to anything in order for you to demonstrate your talent. Musicians have strapped it onto their guitars while playing and people have created short films from GoPro cameras. The unique advantage GoPro offers is what perspective you'll want to show the world your art and your story. It would definitely provoke people into wanting to see art being told by you.

View this video on YouTube

It's amazing, we know..

Most Popular Mount: (For Guitars) Curved + Flat Adhesive Mount

Heroes are just ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. So, the ending conclusion isn’t whether we need a GoPro or not, but when we will finally decide to get our own because there’s no denying everyone has a use for a GoPro because not all heroes wear capes.

#BeaHero We know you want one...

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