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Katy Perry Just Googled Hot Pictures Of Herself In The Ultimate Act Of Self-Care

Live your truth, KP.

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Of course, Katy's never been one to shy away from looking ridiculous on the internet—whether she’s dressing up as a Cheeto for Halloween, posting a shot of quinoa stuck in her teeth on Instagram, or even transforming into her alter ego, Kathy Beth Terry.

So over the past week, Katy has shared a few less-than-flattering photos of herself on Instagram, just for kicks.

Okay, but who actually looks good on FaceTime?

Instagram: @katyperry

She doesn't even look that bad in this one, tbqh!

But after blasting those pics to her nearly 63 million followers, Katy explained that she was starting to feel insecure. So she shared this glamour shot next, to provide some ~healthy balance~.

Instagram: @katyperry

She captioned it: "was feeling insecure about my last two posts so"

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