13 Times Anti-Vaxxers Were Hilariously Wrong About The COVID-19 Vaccine And Got Exactly What They Deserved For It

    "No offense but you did meth. I think you will survive the vaccine."

    Let's be 100% clear about something: The three COVID-19 vaccines being offered in the US are all safe and effective. You should get one as soon as you're eligible — for the world's sake, and for your own.

    A doctor receiving a vaccine

    UNFORTUNATELY, the clear and indisputable science on this is not enough to convince some anti-vaxxers, who continue to spout off nonsense they learned from Facebook memes and page 13,751 of Google.

    So let the following list be a lesson to you...

    1. Please don't be dumb like this person, who apparently doesn't understand what happened during the black plague:

    "The black plague disappeared without a vaccine, just saying" Response: It...killed 1/3 of Europe

    2. Or this person, who really doesn't need to worry about what's in the vaccine:

    "Not sure what's in it but I'm not doing it" Response: No offense but you did meth; I think you will survive the vaccine

    3. Or this person, who claims they want businesses to reopen...but isn't willing to do the ONE THING that would get them to reopen:

    "I don't want $2,000; I want businesses open, I want people working, I want real life back" Response: So you're going to get vaccinated right? "Hell to the no"

    4. Or this person, who accidentally invented vaccines in their attempt to condemn vaccines:

    "I think instead of chemical shots, the doctors should give a small piece of the virus so the body can build natural immunity"

    5. Or this person, who completely missed the point about who a vaccine is for:

    "No thanks, I don't need a vaccine for a virus I ain't got" Response: Vaccines are specifically for viruses you don't have

    6. Or this person, who might want to rethink the eyeglasses they were wearing in their (redacted) profile photo:

    "You cannot have faith in God and still take this vaccine" Response: I hope those aren't prescription glasses

    7. Or this person, who apparently believes the COVID-19 vaccine will give you "zombie-like symptoms" (it does not):

    "Please include in post how long it was before you started experiencing zombie like symptoms!" Response: Reading your comment killed enough of my brain cells to give me zombie like symptoms"

    8. Or this person, who really thought they did something there:

    "If vaccines were healthy you could put it on a spoon and eat it; try it, you'll die" Response: If broccoli was healthy, you could put it in a syringe and inject it into your bloodstream; try it, you'll die"

    9. Or this person, who might overestimate their personal knowledge about this topic:

    "That's why vaxxers always say 'I was vaccinated and I'm fine' and all of us who have actually looked into the vaccines laugh and laugh" Response: By "looked into," I assume you're a doctor with a PhD in immunology and you have a lab where you research?

    10. Or this person, who won't let their kids get a COVID-19 vaccine if and when it becomes available to them:

    "Vaccines literally injects you with a disease/illness you could possibly have no association with just to fight it off...my kids will pass" Response: Oh they'll pass alright

    11. Or this person, who apparently does not realize how extensively the vaccines were tested:

    "You guys feel free to be guinea pigs; i'll pass until there's way more testing" Response: You do understand that before the vaccine becomes available for the public literally tens of thousands of people will already have been vaccinated, right?

    12. Or this person, who might need a little history lesson about life expectancies a few hundred years ago:

    "Keep your immune system good, wash hands (no hand sanitizer), eat organic food, go outside..." A few hundred years ago all food was organic, hand sanitizer hadn't been invented and most people spent all day outdoors, yet everyone STILL died of smallpox

    13. Or finally, this well-known alt-right figure, whose argument against the vaccine is...uh...a vaccine:

    Jack Posobiec: "What if instead of a vaccine we [could] get exposed to a weak version of the virus...to build the antibodies... Omar Manejwala, MD: What if...instead of alphabets we used lines to create characters that...could be formed into words?

    TL;DR: Don't be like any of these people. Trust the science, trust your doctors, and get the damn vaccine as soon as you can.