What Exec Board Member Are You?

Find out what Mock Member you are!

  1. Who would win in a fight, Mark or Stephen?
    1. Mark
    2. Mark
    3. Mark
    1. Mark
    2. Stephen because he would want it more
  2. It's a Saturday night. What are you up to?
    1. Knitting, probably
    2. Whatever Dana is doing
    3. Wawa
    1. Mock Trial
    2. Drinking alone
  3. What's your favorite case law and why?
    1. Lucas v. Karabatikis, because it’s interesting
    2. Chen v. Ingram, because it’s useful in a trial
    3. Cookie v. Waffle because I can remember it
    1. Mississipi Barbecue because it gets used the most
    2. What? Is this a quiz?
  4. How do you feel about Alex Love?
    1. He’s pretty cool I guess
    2. He’s kinda odd
    3. He hates me and I don’t understand why
    1. Single greatest person ever
    2. I don’t know him and that bothers me
  5. Winter?
    1. I just met her!
    2. Yeah, she’s the defendant
    3. I barely know her!
    1. That’s me!
    2. That’s me but hipster!
  6. What is your favorite Minetos?
    1. Thanks, Minetos
    2. Minetos with a speech disorder
    3. “Probably a bribe” Minetos
    1. Minetos? I just met her!
    2. Minetos only as a old-timey flower child
  7. Who is the best looking guy on mock?
    1. Liam
    2. Liam
    3. Liam
    1. Liam
    2. Liam
  8. Rain Drop?
    1. Drop top
    2. Shot plop
    3. ClopClop
    1. Mop Chop
    2. Cheese squat
  9. If you were Sawyer Shaw, you would play them as...
    1. A strong powerful woman
    2. Incredibly impeachable
    3. A quirky character
    1. A by the books executive
    2. A frat star only it’s acted really badly
  10. Mass appeal, orange rind
    1. Drop top
    2. Is this rap?
    3. *waggles tongue suggestively*
    1. You smoke you green I’m spending mine
    2. You grab that girl the beat is fine

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