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    35 Tweets About IBS That Make Me Laugh, And Then Sob On The Toilet

    "Things are now in motion that cannot be undone" —Gandalf the Grey, but also my IBS.

    Like many of us in this world, I have IBS. If you have it, you *know* how much it actually sucks. The FODMAP, the triggers, the flare-ups, the constant stomach pain — it never ends.

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    So let's laugh through our tears with some jokes:

    1. Literally, no one invited you:

    Me: That fried food was delicious. Don't know why I don't do that more often. My IBS:

    Twitter: @olgakhazan

    2. I aspire to be this confident with my IBS symptoms:

    Twitter: @alyssasinesy

    3. Please, no:

    My IBS b like hole up✋ lemme gas u up real quick💯

    Twitter: @bikiinibotttom

    4. Not me with severe anxiety *and* IBS:

    wdym u don’t get anxiety induced ibs

    Twitter: @currlaa13

    5. Where do I get this medication??

    Twitter: @lacherryqueen

    6. This is literally how it feels:

    Twitter: @angerbrows

    7. Nah, not me:

    Me: I wonder if I have IBS Also me: *drinks (decaf) coffee and eats everything really spicy* Naw

    Twitter: @kwyntastic

    8. I need this on a T-shirt, honestly:

    still have ibs on international women’s day why can’t i catch a break

    Twitter: @sadieoleary

    9. Me, but with Pizza Hut's pan pizza. It's just so good, but oh so bad:

    papa johns is so good but I have ibs

    Twitter: @danielleeija

    10. I'm pretty sure every Target employee has had to deal with us at one point:

    not an ibs attack in the target bathroom....i’m going home

    Twitter: @v1tell1

    11. If I'm texting you, I'm probably on the toilet:

    Twitter: @serotetenin

    12. I would, but I'm petty AF:

    I wouldn’t wish IBS on my worst enemy

    Twitter: @WitchWhoResists

    13. What could it be???

    Me a person who is lactose intolerant with ibs and on my period after 2 lattes with whole milk in them: “why does my stomach hurt so much?”

    Twitter: @fizzyillogical

    14. This is how I feel about Chipotle:

    all schools and workplaces should provide high quality toilet paper given they’re the main reason i have IBS

    Twitter: @ehh_dub

    15. This is hilariously depressing and I play this game every week:

    With IBS, cheat days don’t exist. It’s more of a “am I willing to be uncomfortable and how much am I willing to tolerate ”.

    Twitter: @Notthatcuteboy

    16. I mean, I'm sure we ALL self-diagnosed before we got actually diagnosed!

    i think we ALL have self diagnosed ibs

    Twitter: @Xistentialspice

    17. Some days we just can't deal with it:

    Twitter: @briiicheese

    18. Although, I may also have lactose intolerance...

    me but replace lactose intolerance with ibs

    Twitter: @genos3331

    19. How do you know someone has IBS? Don't worry, we'll tell you...every day:

    normalize letting me tell you about my ibs

    Twitter: @bunnyt33th

    20. When my stomach doesn't hurt, I spent the entire time trying to figure out why it doesn't hurt. Then I stress myself thinking about it and it starts hurting. 🎶 It's the ciiircle of life. 🎶

    Twitter: @jasminericegirl

    21. Where does the poop go, though?

    Twitter: @ThomasFox_4th

    22. You can never go wrong with a Charmin MEGA roll, trust me:

    why my father roast my ibs ass like this (and why am i so excited?)

    Twitter: @bigdirtyraccoon

    23. Is this *aging*?

    Being a girl is mostly about having your tummy hurt a little bit all the time

    Twitter: @american_sicko

    24. Sometimes I'm like, "Wow maybe I don't have IBS!" *Spoiler alert* I was very wrong:

    #IBSmemes #ibdmemes #chronicillness

    Twitter: @CarysMullins

    25. My guess for me is at least three years:

    I wonder how many combined years of my life so far I've spent on the loo.. Usually crying because I cant poo or because I cant stop pooing #ibs be like...

    Twitter: @Wooden_MariaGO

    26. This is basically my personal theme song to my life:

    Twitter: @BlaiseDahl

    27. I can't even *look* at cauliflower without feeling uneasy:

    me: why does my stomach hurt body: we have ibs and you ate a whole head of cauliflower me: me: oh yeah

    Twitter: @TrickstarBrave

    28. Why can't we catch a break?!

    When your iBS is acting up and you’ve been on a liquid diet all week

    Twitter: @GoAskA_Liz

    29. Well, this is definitely a stretch, but I can't deny IBS isn't painful. *sobs*

    you don’t know what pain is unless you have ibs

    Twitter: @tnmckayy

    30. It's the hashtag about fruit that truly resonated with me. I just love fruit so much, but they hate me so:

    @ThatBrenna I'm definitely on the fartsy end of this spectrum. #IBSjokes #whydoesfruithateme

    Twitter: @SeptimusBrown

    31. *Laughs in bidet*

    If you're approaching a 5th wipe, you should just take a shower. #IBSJokes

    Twitter: @Ellen_Desper

    32. Honestly, this is me on any typical day:

    Feels of an #IBSpatient. #IBSClinic #ibsmemes #instamemesdaily #instamemesdaily

    Twitter: @ibscliniic

    33. Even my gut doesn't trust my gut:

    A visual explanation of my 18 year battle with IBS. #IBS

    Twitter: @ThatFoodieFella

    34. I don't know what I'd do without my air fryer, honestly:

    If you have any form of IBS, insurance should cover the cost of an air fryer. 🤣 #randomthoughts #crohns #ibs

    Twitter: @ErikaTesla

    35. And finally, the sad reality of IBS:

    Well hello #IBS long time no see, gunna be a long afternoon

    Twitter: @MissPuddles91

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