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    18 Magical Things You'll Adore if You Love Metaphysical Products

    The ultimate "best of the woo woo world" product list.

    1. A mug that's been infused with reiki energy so you can transform your morning coffee into a magical healing elixir.

    Maggie and Moe / Via

    This mug’s rainbow heart design is charged with sparklingly clear, healing energy from real energy healers, so that anything you drink out of it can bring you instant good vibes!

    Promising quote: “Anyone who has the design printed on a mug can expect healing on the mind, body, and spiritual levels, as well as a deeper sense of love, light, and grace, and a deeper connection with their soul self and their soul family.” -- Reiki Master Mindie Adamos

    Get it from Maggie and Moe for $12.99.

    2. Gorgeous stud earrings that look classy and offer protection from negativity.

    Nordstrom / Via

    There are also versions for strength, love, calming, and balance.

    Get them from Nordstrom for $38.

    3. A custom flower essence mix to help you live your best life.

    Green Hope Farm / Via

    These potions can help you through job transitions, surgeries, and all kinds of other major life events. They also come with gorgeous postcards, and the company has the sweetest team of employees. Email them a description of all your problems, and ask for Molly. She’ll consult with her team of angels and guides on your behalf to figure out exactly which flower essences you need.

    Get your custom mix for $55 from Green Hope Farm.

    4. Weekly live tele-courses with an intuition expert who has been featured in The New York Times, goop, and Vogue.

    Nuurvana / Via

    Monday evenings are infinitely better when you have a Nu It call to look forward to. Every week, you join a conference call with Deganit (who is adorable, btw), and she leads you and your classmates through a series of exercises to help you exercise the spiritual muscle of the month. Topics range from learning to connect with spirits who have passed on (Prince is a frequent guest) to learning to balance your chakras to learning who you were in a past life.

    Get your first month of Nu It classes from Nuurvana for $25.99.

    5. A book that explains the metaphysical causes for any physical ailment.

    Amazon / Via

    The late, great Louise Hay is always spot on when it comes to helping her fans look at physical issues from a spiritual perspective. Curious what’s really behind your allergies, or why you keep spraining the same ankle? Louise tells you what it’s really about, and gives you an affirmation to say so you can heal it. Just don’t blame me if you find yourself repeating, “I move forward with ease and grace” over and over again on your morning commute.

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    6. An aura spray that helps you attract prosperity and abundance.

    Kate's Magik / Via

    Spray your aura with this reiki-charged blend of essential oils to make your energy field a wealth magnet.

    Promising review: “Went to casino and used rain of prosperity before I went in. It certainly did bring me luck!!!” - Patricia L.

    Get it from from Amazon (with free shipping) for $17.95.

    7. A distance energy healing session with a reiki healer and intuitive counselor.

    Sharri Gaines / Via

    Book a phone session with North Carolina-based reiki healer Sharri Gaines, and she’ll send you distance reiki along with any intuitive “hits” she gets about your life path. In a reiki session I had with her, she described a past life I had on a farm in France, and gave me some spot on messages that her guides wanted me to know. I left feeling completely refreshed, inspired, and energetically balanced.

    Get your session from for $80.

    8. An all-purpose cleaner to help you clean your house while also raising your vibration.

    Hauswitch / Via

    The Abacadabra cleaner and the Solstice bathroom cleaner both smell amazing and actually do a great job cleaning your space. Plus, you just feel good about the fact that your shower and countertops are rid of any weird vibes and completely refreshed with good energy.

    Get it from Hauswitch for $13.00.

    9. A framed crystal grid designed to awaken healing and clearing vibrations in the energy centers of your body.

    CrystalGrids on Etsy / Via

    My sister gifted me this piece and I love it! I move it around my house regularly to spread the good vibes. I want one of these in every room.

    Get it from Etsy for $48.00.

    10. A crystal-infused mat that charges anything and everything with grounding energy.

    VibesUp / Via

    VibesUp is the baby of a very sweet lady named Kaitlyn, and she’s created this whole line of products made of ground-up crystals that are designed to draw out negative energy and restore balance and harmony to everything they touch. I love her products and also have the energy triangle, which I keep in my car, the water bottle, a bunch of the bracelets, the flip flops, and the crystal energy tree. So yeah, I'm a fan.

    Get the mat from VibesUp for $99.99.

    11. An astrology reading that can help you understand your purpose in this lifetime.

    Tara Vogel / Via

    I found Tara Vogel through her Instagram account (@luminaryparenting) and was immediately attracted to her style of forecasting, which gives advice about the cosmic mood of the day and how it’ll affect parents and their parenting styles. I contacted her for a private reading, which was extremely illuminating and told me several things I really needed to hear to decide how to focus my energies and use my strengths in the near future. I highly recommend a reading with her -- it was one of the best readings I’ve had, ever (and I’ve had my fair share).

    Get it from for $130.

    12. This gorgeous water bottle with healing crystals inside, to infuse your water with specific energetic benefits.

    Amazon / Via

    VitaJuwel water bottle bases are interchangeable, so you can collect all the different gemstone combos. You can also get a silicon loop top for easier carrying.

    Promising review: “Amazingly beautiful product! Water tastes soooo much better drinking from a vessel that is incredibly stunning! I believe fully in this product, also I consider it an investment in my overall health and well being! I find myself wanting to drink more water as the water vessel is inviting! Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!” - S

    Get it from Amazon for $98.

    13. A spiral-bound book featuring a collection of drawings that can have a healing effect on your body. / Via

    This is definitely one of the most woo-woo items on this list, but I love it. It features sheets with little drawings of glyphs that are supposed to work for a variety of purposes, from clearing your chakras to removing anxiety and stress to helping you clear ancestral drama.

    Promising review: “I got Jean's book a few years ago and tried the glyphs sporadically, as I felt I had nothing dramatic to deal with. But a sudden and debilitating bout of insomnia that had persisted for several weeks got me thinking that maybe a glyph would be of help. The insomnia had gotten to the point where I dreaded going to bed. I would try to go to sleep or wake up after an hour or so of sleep and be unable to go back to sleep.. Then anxiety and fear would take over, making things even worse. So one night I decided to try the glyph for removing Fear. It was just prior to bed and my anxiety and dread were already ramping up. I opened the book and turned to the Fear removal glyph. To my amazement, I felt a wave of peace and ease take over my mind, erasing the feelings of anxiety and dread that had been there.” - William C. Rafferty

    Get it from Amazon for $28.95.

    14. A subscription service that sends you daily, ongoing holistic healing support from a well-known energy healer.

    Healing Holograms / Via

    Bill also offers tailored versions of this service for spiritual support, relationship support, and financial support. Also, you can add on your pet for $10 -- just supply Bill with a picture!

    Get your first month from Healing Holograms for $57.

    15. Patented subliminal messaging self-help MP3s that have been tested by universities and can help change the way you talk to yourself.

    InnerTalk / Via

    This revolutionary method of subliminal messaging was developed by Dr. Eldon Taylor and has been tested in studies at major universities. I recommend the tracks without music -- they sound like ocean waves. You can play these 24/7 in the background and while you’re sleeping. The easiest place to start is with the audio-only tracks, which are labeled “Subliminal” and priced at $25.95.

    Get them from InnerTalk for $25.95+.

    16. A consultation from a Feng Shui consultant and teacher that can help you transform your life.

    Moni Castaneda / Via

    Moni has seriously practical advice that I follow regularly, from what colors to paint your walls to how NOT to use mirrors in your home to which way your bed should face for optimal results. Her blog is full of useful advice, and if you follow her on social media, she is super responsive to questions.

    Get a month of personal advice from Nine Steps to Feng Shui for $99.

    17. A book that explains what you and everyone who shares the same birthday as you have in common based on a scientist’s research.

    Amazon / Via

    This book combines astrology, numerology, and psychic intuition to reveal insights into your (and everyone you know’s) personality, based on your birthday. It’s extremely helpful for trying to understand the people in your life.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.54

    18. A candle that can cleanse your space and draw in positive energies.

    Everyday Magic / Via

    I’ve also used the love candle -- both are great. There are a ton to choose from.

    Get it from Everyday Magic for $23.

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