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    18 Magical Things You'll Adore if You Love Metaphysical Products

    The ultimate "best of the woo woo world" product list.

    1. A mug that's been infused with reiki energy so you can transform your morning coffee into a magical healing elixir.

    2. Gorgeous stud earrings that look classy and offer protection from negativity.

    3. A custom flower essence mix to help you live your best life.

    4. Weekly live tele-courses with an intuition expert who has been featured in The New York Times, goop, and Vogue.

    5. A book that explains the metaphysical causes for any physical ailment.

    6. An aura spray that helps you attract prosperity and abundance.

    7. A distance energy healing session with a reiki healer and intuitive counselor.

    8. An all-purpose cleaner to help you clean your house while also raising your vibration.

    9. A framed crystal grid designed to awaken healing and clearing vibrations in the energy centers of your body.

    10. A crystal-infused mat that charges anything and everything with grounding energy.

    11. An astrology reading that can help you understand your purpose in this lifetime.

    12. This gorgeous water bottle with healing crystals inside, to infuse your water with specific energetic benefits.

    13. A spiral-bound book featuring a collection of drawings that can have a healing effect on your body.

    14. A subscription service that sends you daily, ongoing holistic healing support from a well-known energy healer.

    15. Patented subliminal messaging self-help MP3s that have been tested by universities and can help change the way you talk to yourself.

    16. A consultation from a Feng Shui consultant and teacher that can help you transform your life.

    17. A book that explains what you and everyone who shares the same birthday as you have in common based on a scientist’s research.

    18. A candle that can cleanse your space and draw in positive energies.