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    Develop Your Own Film At Home With This Easy Tutorial

    Smile, snap, and shake.

    Calling all artists! Did you know you can develop film at home? It's easier than you might think.


    * Can opener

    * Scissors

    * 3 mason jars

    * Instant coffee (caffeinated)

    * Water

    * Vitamin C powder

    * Washing soda

    * Photo fixer

    * Film developing tank with reels

    * Undeveloped black & white film



    6 ounces water

    5 teaspoons instant coffee (not decaffeinated)

    ½ teaspoon Vitamin C powder


    6 ounces water

    3½ teaspoons washing soda


    Mix fixer separately

    9 ounces water

    3 ounces fixer

    WHAT TO DO:# In a darkroom or a dark bag, pop off the end of your film roll with a can opener. (Do steps 1-5 in a darkroom or bag)

    # Cut off the first few inches of film with scissors.

    # Thread the film through a film auto-load reel by matching up the notches and winding it all the way around.

    # Cut off the end.

    # Place reel inside developing tank and close the lid.

    # Mix your chemicals in 3 separate mason jars. Label your jars in advance so they don’t get mixed up.

    # In the first jar, combine 6 oz water, 5 tsp instant coffee, and ½ tsp Vitamin C powder.

    # In the second jar, combine 6 oz water and 3½ tsp washing soda.

    # In the third jar, combine 9 oz water and 3 oz photo fixer.

    # Combine the first two jars together. This is your developer. The third jar is your fixer.

    # Pour all of the developer into the film tank and close the lid.

    # Agitate the tank for an entire minute. Then, agitate it 3 times per minute for 8 minutes. This loosens up any bubbles. After 8 minutes, pour out the developer.

    # Fill the tank with water and agitate a few times before dumping it out. Do this 3 times to thoroughly rinse the film.

    # Pour all of the fixer into the tank and close the lid.

    # Let fixer sit for 5 minutes and agitate 3 times per minute.

    # Dump out the fixer. Save it if you plan to develop film again because it is reusable.

    # Rinse film the same way you did in step 13.

    # Remove the film from the tank. This does not need to be done in a dark room since the film is now developed.

    # Gently hang the film strip on a clothespin to let it air-dry. You may wipe off any dust with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

    # Once dry, either take the film to a professional printer or cut the film into snippets and scan and print them yourself.

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