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    25 Moments Where Bailee Madison And Alex Lange Melted Hearts Everywhere

    Bailee Madison (17, actress known for Bridge to Terabithia, Wizards of Waverly Place, Just Go With It, Good Witch) and Alex Lange (15, model) started dating this year and since then we've been blessed with countless cute stories and photos. Here's to #Bailex never ending.

    1. This is Bailee and Alex. Here is the first of many cute #Bailex moments - enjoy!

    2. Bailee dedicated #NationalBoyfriendDay to Alex with the cute hand-holding Instagram picture we see taking over the Internet

    3. They're always laughing when they're together - Exhibit A

    4. Exhibit B (on top of the CN Tower in Toronto)

    5. Speaking of the CN Tower, here's Alex enjoying the view of Toronto from above while Bailee has a nice view of Alex (d'aww!)

    6. When Bailee fangirled over her own boyfriend at the mall

    SOS spotted this guy at the mall... what's his @ ?????? #shouldisayhi ?

    7. When Bailee looks at Alex like this

    8. When Alex looks at Bailee like this

    9. When Alex posted screenshots of texts he sent Bailee a year ago (what girl could resist that?)

    throwback to my really embarrassing kinda cute texts with @BaileeMadison from a year ago, i guess things never chan…

    10. When they cuddled on a bench in matching outfits

    11. I mean, can we just admire their fashion for a sec?! Outfits ON FLEEK

    12. Who else looks this fashionable strolling around Toronto?!

    13. When they got matching onesies :')

    I aspire to be this level of cute one day 🤗 @BaileeMadison @alexmlange #Bailex

    14. When Bailee can always count on Alex to lead :')

    15. ... and to catch her when she falls

    16. When Bailee never forgets to thank Alex for making her so happy <3

    @alexmlange why am I JUST seeing this? miss you already. my heart couldn't feel more grateful for the joy you bring to my life

    17. When #Bailex goes on double dates with Bailee's sister (Kaitlin Riley) and Kaitlin's husband Jordi Vilasuso

    18. When Alex helped set up Bailee's niece's birthday party

    19. When they cuddled up dockside in Bailee's hometown, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    20. When Alex supports Bailee's career

    tune in folks @BaileeMadison @Syfy

    21. When they look so peaceful and at home in each other's company

    22. When they literally look like they came out of a Disney movie

    23. When Alex takes photos of Bailee like this

    25. Never stop the cuteness, Bailee and Alex <3