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11 Thoughtful Ways To Give Back To Your Neighborhood This Holiday Season

State Farm® believes in the magic of being a good neighbor this holiday season!

1. Go above and beyond with holiday decorations.

The exterior of a house covered in Christmas decorations

2. Host a virtual Secret Santa party.

3. Put up a "letters to Santa" mailbox for the kids.

A girl places a letter to Santa into a mailbox

4. Donate food or volunteer at your local food bank.

People in face coverings serve food at a shelter

5. Start your own "Free Library," to share books with each other.

6. Plan a neighborhood holiday recipe exchange.

A grandmother and her grandson cook a turkey together

7. Throw a virtual ugly sweater party.

8. Write thank-you letters to your neighbors.

A woman writes letters while sitting on the floor

9. Collaborate on giving an extra-special gift to your postal worker.

10. Help shovel your neighbors' driveways or walkways.

A man shovels snow on the sidewalk

11. Start a teddy bear scavenger hunt for the kids.

What ways will you give back to your neighborhood this holiday season?