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9 People On The Creative Ways Their Communities Have Come Together

More than ever, it's essential to be a good neighbor. State Farm is here to help.

1. The online community

"When the pandemic began, my parents and I helped form an online group that pooled money together to provide monthly donations to people in need of financial support due to unemployment. The idea was to reach people in our social network who would not qualify for larger nonprofit or government support.

This all began as a fundraising initiative, but it's actually been great getting to know people from different geographical backgrounds and stages of life, and hearing who in their life is in need of support right now. It's helped me feel connected to the 'real' world outside of my one-bedroom apartment."

—Jessica B.

2. The book club

"A friend of mine started a virtual book club with two girls she met at an online event. The book club grew from three to 20 unique but like-minded Bangladeshi women, living all across the globe. Every month we pick a new book, and then meet over a video call to discuss. Though we began as strangers, we have grown into a very tight, trusting group that provides advice and lots of emotional support to its members."


3. The intrepid few

"Quite a few members of my community had been making masks on their own, and eventually these mask-makers (safely!) came together in order to leverage and maximize their output. To see these people working together and to experience our community promoting, purchasing, and supporting these intrepid few has been really aspirational."

—Heather M.

4. The neighborhood garden

"Our neighborhood has gone above and beyond to stay connected amid the current pandemic. In the first few months of quarantine, a local pizzeria stepped up to supplement students with a free daily lunch, our community center made a drive-in theater that operates a few nights a week, and some residents have even opened up their gardens for anyone to swing by and (safely!) pick some veggies."


5. The educated community

"Our mostly white neighborhood has been working toward becoming a community of white allies as we work on expanding diversity and equity. Neighbors have started a Black Lives Matter bulk-sign purchase chain, and have created a growing work group focusing on antiracism, personal awareness, how to have difficult but effective conversations, and changing legislation."


6. The mask-maker

"I have been making and selling cotton masks and donating the money to charity since the beginning of the pandemic, and I wouldn’t have been able to continue the project without the amazing amount of community support I’ve received! People have donated fabric, elastic, and hundreds of dollars for supplies. I’ve sold primarily to people in and around Bed Stuy, Brooklyn. With their help, I've been able to make over 200 masks and raise $1,500 for various funds and charities."

—Kemi O.

7. The thoughtful paths

"I've been quarantined in Connecticut, and I have found solace in taking weekly hikes and walks. Throughout my varied excursions, I've come across a number of handmade signs and painted rocks thanking essential workers, which has been really heartening and lovely to see, even in the least likely of places."

—Tory H.

8. The town's unity

"I've been quarantined in my hometown in New Jersey, and in the wake of the pandemic and emerging visibility of police brutality, it was incredibly reassuring to see my community come together to organize multiple marches in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Some of our most thoughtful members even took the time to collect the signs from our marches and display them in the center of town."

—Kyle D.

9. The children, who are the future

"The children in my neighborhood have been making DIY decorations and drawings that they put up in the trees in front of their home. Sometimes they write sweet messages in chalk on the sidewalk to remind everyone to stay safe. It brings a smile to my face every time I go on my daily walks!"

—Alex S.

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Has your neighborhood come together in a particularly creative or heartfelt manner? Sound off in the comments below!