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12 DIY Hacks To Create Your Dream Apartment

New homes are always a work in progress. Luckily, State Farm® can help you maximize your space and bring your dream apartment to life, no matter your budget!


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Want to have a comfortable and stylish bed without breaking the bank? Making your own headboard is the perfect solution!


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Clutter can make your home feel super crowded. Luckily, this pallet coffee table has great storage that'll help your place feel nice and spacious.


Sheer white drapes not only let natural light in, but they can also trick your eyes into thinking your home has more depth.


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Organization can transform your apartment to look way bigger than it actually is. This bookcase is the perfect solution to keeping all of your tchotchkes in order.


Repurposing what you already have is a great way to save. Light up your imagination (and your home!) with these easy steps.


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This crafty Wi-Fi router cover helps gets rid of clutter, thus making your apartment feel loads bigger and more airy!


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Instead of spending big on a fancy new vase, use those old lightbulbs to contain your flowers. It'll help you save money while also adding a colorful burst of florals to your home!


Wondering what to do with those old mason jars? Instead of throwing away your dollars on fresh herbs, plant your very own!


Creating a statement wall with mirrors not only looks great, but it also enhances the size of the room. The reflective quality of mirrors bounce any available light around to make the room appear bigger and brighter!


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Stylish kitchen gear can get pricey! These DIY colored spoons are a great thrifty alternative to buying expensive new utensils.


Painting an accent wall can make a room appear much larger. Bright colors really make a wall pop and look much deeper than in reality.


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Packing things away neatly can make your space feel infinitely bigger! Baskets are an inexpensive and practical way to store your linens and towels.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm® is there to help you take something old and see it in a new way.