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13 Insane Plays That Will Help You Become A Basketball Fan

Just like Chris Paul makes his team better with assists, some people may need an assist understanding why basketball is the world's greatest sport. If you aren't currently a basketball fan, this collection of amazing assists, dunks, and circus shots presented by State Farm will get you to a better state.

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1. Mid-Air, Between-The-Legs Assist To A Ferocious Windmill Jam


In one of the craziest in-game dunks ever, Jamal Crawford helps his teammate with an insane pass that led to an equally insane dunk.

2. Chris Paul Dribbles Through The Legs Of A Defender And Finds The Open Man

Paul works his magic on this fast break, dribbling through the defender's legs before dishing off a perfect assist to a cutting teammate.

3. 720 Degree Dunk

Sometimes you don't need an assist. If you're this wide open, and this athletic, you can do whatever you want.

4. Mid-Air Alley To A Reverse Oop

The Knicks' Pablo Prigioni hooks JR Smith up for a dunk.

5. Half-Court Buzzer Beater

Dwayne Wade drills a three-quarters court shot at the buzzer.

6. Circus Flip

Kobe sinks a double-pump, no-look, over-the-shoulder layup.

7. Slow Rolling, Off-The-Top-Of-The-Backboard Layup

Chris Paul displays his soft touch.

8. Leaping Over A Fully Grown Man

LeBron James completes the alley-oop by going up and over a defender.

9. Spinning, Over-The-Shoulder Circus Shot

Amar'e Stoudemire finesses in a whirling hook shot.

10. Full Court Game-Winner

One of the longest game-winning shots in college basketball history.

11. Reverse, Between-The-Legs Crossover

James Harden plays keep-away with the Sixers.

12. Chase-Down Block

13. And finally, Aghhhhhhhhh!!!

DeAndre Jordan catches a Chris Paul lob and demolishes Brandon Knight.