13 Awesome Comic Book Costumes That’ll Inspire You

Heading to Comic Con? It’s not too late to put your costume together. Check out these amazing tributes to comic books heroes and villains for tips and inspiration. State Farm® is helping you get to a better state at this year’s Comic Con.

1. Mystique

Andrew Horne / Via Flickr: 70832171@N07

A pair of leggings and a long sleeve shirt of the same color make a great, fuss-free replacement for body paint.

2. Thor

Dan Kitwood/Staff / Getty Images

You can make Thor’s hammer easily with a broomstick, foam and some acrylic paint. Get the full tutorial here.

3. Cable from the X-Men

Pat Loika / Via Flickr: patloika

If you and your character have short hair, spray-on hair color makes changing your color and style super easy.

4. Poison Ivy and The Joker

Pat Loika / Via Flickr: patloika

Crafting your own Poison Ivy outfit is super easy: all you need is a green leotard, some artificial leaves and a hot glue gun. Find ideas for the rest of the costume here.

5. A Nurse from Silent Hill

Dan Kitwood/Staff / Getty Images

Etsy is great resource for inexpensive vintage nurse outfits to use as the base for this costume.

6. Doctor Strange

Jennifer Van Damsel / Via Facebook: JenniferVanDamsel

Jennifer Van Damsel is a total master of cosplay, check out her Facebook page for more inspiration.

7. Ant Man and Yellow Jacket

State Farm / Via Flickr: statefarm

Cut the tops of boots and gloves to give your look an even more dynamic comic book look.

8. War Machine

Gordon Tarpley / Via Flickr: gordontarpley

This costume isn’t for DIY amateurs. Check out the full amazing process on Gordon Tarpley’s photo set documenting the build from start to finish.

9. Loki

Dan Kitwood/Staff / Getty Images

Find out how to make your own horned paper mache helmet in a few easy steps here.

10. Tardis and Dalek

Don Kasak / Via Flickr: stannate

The secret to the Dalek outfit lies in plastic Christmas ornaments. Check out one of many how-tos for this spiffy costume here.

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