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11 New Musical Acts That Will Improve Your Summer

Even with the Internet, finding good new music can be a pain. Here are 11 hot acts that will help make the dog days of summer a lot more fun. For more everyday helpful tips, follow State Farm Nation.

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1. Quadron


Who they are: Singer Coco O and musician/producer Robin Hannibal from Denmark.

Listen if you like: Solange, Jessie Ware, Amy Winehouse.

Ideal for: A relaxed evening with friends.

7. Run The Jewels

EL-P / Via

Who they are: Rappers EL-P and Killer Mike.

Listen if you like: EL-P and Killer Mike, Big Boi, Despot.

Ideal for: Working out, getting really hyped, running to the top of a mountain and flexing both arms.

Click here to download the record for free from Fools Gold.

8. Sinead Harnett

Black Butter Records / Via

Who she is: A 23-year-old R&B/pop singer from the UK, previous Disclosure collaborator.

Listen if you like: Aaliyah, Jessie Ware, Total.

Ideal for: Getting ready to go out on the town.