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11 Basketball Moves That Double As Life Advice

Guess it's true what they say: Basketball is life. Let the court be your guide to success in life. These helpful tips are brought to you by State Farm®.

1. The Crossover


Lesson: Don't get stuck in the past. Keep moving forward and let everyone try to copy the things you've already done.

2. The "Assist"


Lesson: Always help a friend in need. If the result isn't desirable, don't worry. At least they'll remember that you were there.

3. The Tomahawk


Lesson: If you're going to try anything in life, put all your force behind it.

4. Taunting


Lesson: You should always let your actions do the talking... even trash talking.

5. The "NOT UP IN HERE!!"


Lesson: Occasionally, some people will try to take advantage of you when you're not looking. It happens. Calmly let them know that isn't cool with you.

6. The Behind-the-Back Pass

JUrquhart / BuzzFeed

Lesson: Always help your friends, even when no one is looking.

7. The No-Look Pass


Lesson: See previous life lesson + a million cool points.

8. Pushing the Ball Upcourt


Lesson: Done is better than perfect.

9. The Alley-Oop


Lesson: Establishing a strong relationship with your friend will pay long-term dividends.

10. Calling Your Shot


Lesson: People admire those who follow through on their promises.

11. The Spider-Man / Via

Lesson: Never mess with a guy in tights.