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10 Ways To Be An Amazing Neighbor

Neighbors should be more than just strangers who tell you to turn the stereo down. A good relationship with the folks next door can make life a lot better. Here are 10 things you can do to be an amazing neighbor, brought to you by State Farm Nation.

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2. Start a Facebook or Google group to share neighborhood information


Use the forum to share news, events, and safety alerts. A message board will prevent spam emails from the Chatty Cathys and you can be as involved in it as you want.

4. Organize a regular potluck


There's no better way to foster a sense of community than with food. If you get the ball rolling and organize the first one, your neighbors will likely keep it going and host the next one.

5. Make it a habit to pick up their newspaper


If you live in an apartment or get your newspaper delivered in a box, drop your neighbor's paper off at their door if you're the first one up. It takes an extra 20 seconds and they'll think you are the greatest.

6. Give your pets some new friends to hang out with


If you have pets, offer to care for your neighbor's pets when they're away. They'll likely reciprocate. Additionally, if you or your neighbors have a single dog that stays home all day, consider letting your dogs stay in the same area so they have company.

7. Instead of a fence, you can share a garden

woodleywonderworks / Via Flickr: wwworks

A recent trend in urban settings is for neighbors to tear down dividing fences to create massive shared backyards. While it's not for everyone, it might be worth considering if you're all friends and looking for extra outdoor space for kids, pets, and gardens.

9. Offer to share the cost of pricey tools that don't get much use


On your neighborhood message board, see if anyone would like to split of the cost of tools and appliances you won't be using on a regular basis, such as the following: leaf blower, weed whacker, sledge hammer, snow plow, water pump, branch cutter, stud finder, steam cleaner, table saw, etc.