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Which Chemistry Group Member Are You? (Izzi, Stas, Or Emmy)


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  1. what is your least favorite subject?

    algebra 2- that shit is impossible
    school itself
    spanish 4 because EVERYONES OLDER AND I haVE ANXIETY
  2. what kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

    every single type of music that exists (no country obvs) but beyoncé, ed sheeran, and broadway musicals
    bob dylan, frank ocean, david bowie, bill evans, stromae, the 1975, j. cole, florence + the machine, the smiths, joy division, vampire weekend, panic! at the disco, arctic monkeys, hozier, joey bada$$, the black keys, frank sinatra, elvis Presley
    oNE DIRECTION (exposed), ed sheeran, the 1975, Hamilton, Melanie Martinez, Chance the Rapper
  3. what do you do when you see your bae?

    Suddenly act like the most chill person on the planet
    write a poem about their beauty
    make a spotify playlist in exhilaration, exasperation, and awe
    stay cool and ignore them completely but only until they talk to me, then I make a fucking fool of myself (scorpio antics lmao)
    You got to strut like you mean it Free your mind It's not enough just to dream it Come on, come on. Get up when you feel it It's your chance to shine Strut like you mean it Come on, come on, come on, yeah Oh, oh, oh, yeah
  4. when do you start your homework?

    5 minutes before it is due
    At 11:00 the night before
    In class as it is being assigned
  5. when do you hand in chemistry labs?

    2 weeks after they are due
    I do not. I naturally have an A in chemistry.
    Since when do we have to hand in labs?
    Whenever I actually do it
  6. how much coffee do you drink on a daily basis?

    1-2 sometimes 3 cups
    I cannot make it through the day without my medium Dunkin Donuts' decaf iced coffee with caramel and almond milk LIGHT ICE JUST FUCK ME UP
  7. how much sleep do you usually get?

    6 hours HOLLA
    0 hours. I am a scarecrow. Cash me ousside.
    4-6 hours
  8. how shook are you?

    shook as a milkshake (milkshook)
    I constantly walk into walls. I stumble over my words. I do not think straight.
    shook like a crook who snook out a past the due date library book ;)
  9. how deceased are you when your bae talks to you?

    not deceased fam LIVING
    I am moderately to severely deceased for the next few hours (or weeks)
    not 6 feet under but ready for the sweet release of death
  10. how many selfies do you take on a daily basis?

    if I find good lighting and my makeup is fire, approximately 267. instagram better prepare itself for these flames.
    I'll take a few selfies with Stas while we're doing a lab during Chemistry
    Like 2
  11. choose your favorite

    swiper, no swiping
    petty, crusty, inconsiderate but caramel and sharp and straight outta cuba! you remind me of zayn, mwah mwah
    blue eyed scum of the earth
    I will probably write a novel about you in the near future, I love you so much
    He looked at me like I was stupid, I’m not stupid
    Pardon me. Are you Aaron Burr, sir?
  12. are you a fashion killa?

    only true rap fans will understand

    I am THE fashion killa
    no, I'm jiggy tho
    lol what is that
  13. where do you want to go to college?

    UCLA, USC, Berkeley, anywhere- just get me out of New York (anywhere on the west coast)
    college? I'm going to be the female mark zuckerberg with this start up, I have no time for these institutions for higher learning
    Imma say NYU or Berkeley :)
  14. what song do you usually twerk to in da club?

    the city by the 1975
    dive by ed sheeran
    barcelona by ed sheeran
    boots of spanish leather by bob dylan
    christ conscious by joey bada$$
    tighten up by the black keys
  15. what sport do you participate in?

    does watching the US Open count?
    NONE bc I do not do atheletic things
  16. how far ahead do you plan your outfits?

    5 minutes before I leave
    6-8 weeks prior
    In the morning
  17. what is your favorite show?

    I have dead seen like every television show on Netflix. I pretend like it is The Office to fit in with the kids™ but deep down inside it is glee
  18. what is air?

    I've forgotten how to breathe ever since I met the love of my life.
    78 percent nitrogen, 20 percent oxygen & trace amounts of carbon dioxide #chemscholar
    Something you suddenly cannot inhale when either panic (which is often) or laugh too hard

Which Chemistry Group Member Are You? (Izzi, Stas, Or Emmy)

You got: You're An Emmy

you got Emmy! you try to be super chill but are constantly doubting yourself. you simultaneously stay optimistic yet always assume the worst in almost every situation?? you think everyone around you is mad sus so you cannot trust these hoes. you absolutely never open up to people, even your close friends because ofc everyone will abandon u and think you are weird! oh, your life is finally looking together and not stressful? time 2 self destruct!!!! you have mad anxiety and strive for the best but still end up saying "fuck it lol" and act mad chill because you're a scorpio ? cole sprouse is your husband but you r still mad confused abt attraction (wot in sexual orientation???) tbh you are mad quiet and weird and prioritize everyone else before you, but you are super spiritual and and "the wise one"? stay awkward & mysterious, girl. also you sing way too many songs from musicals because you are a huge DORK!!!

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You got: You're A Stas

CONGRATS, you got Stas. you're more shook than san francisco during an earthquAKE. do you even get 1 hour of sleep? probably not because you were up writing poems and doing global homework and not annotating for english and listening to hozier and bob dylan and the beatles and frank ocean and maybe joey bada$$. you take selfies for most of the E band chemistry class period because that lighting is LIT ASF. BLESS. you're a sucker for guys with same taste in music as you (ahem bc that's one of the best parts of a relationship duh) and plain cheese pizza with parmesan cheese on top. you love greek pastries, you speak 5 languages (english, macedonian, spanish, serbian, & croatian), you're insanely bad at math, you are clueless every time covotsos attempts to ask you a question, you love eating brunch, having mac and cheese from the Smith, and listening to the song "joik #3" by blind pilot because it is so relaxing. you can be very shy in some instances and outgoing in others. you adore when you go to bed before 5 am and going on pinterest. you are fascinated by art museums and going to europe in the summer and historical documentaries on PBS and obviously the love of your life. you're a very serious person so you can lose yourself sometimes when you're deep into your own thoughts. you're the #1 vampire weekend stan and petty 99.99999998% of the time you're in social situations. you love your friends because they stay woker than you when you've had 67 cups of coffee before an algebra test.

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You got: You're An Izzi

You got Izzi! You're lowkey a mess but try to look cute everyday. You say you give up a lot but continue to try really hard. You're deadass always confused and probs super awkward!!! You stay WOKE asf. You're on a swim team but say you want to quit like everyday but never do??? Naive and clingy but you're working on it. Not having anyone's bullshit today tomorrow or ever. You also laugh a lot :) tbh you're mad complicated but really appreciate everyone who loves and cares for you :)

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