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14 Photos That Prove Real Men Wear Kilts

Definitive photographic proof... as if any were needed. Brought to you by Outlander, the new STARZ original series -- new episodes every Saturday night at 9 ET/PT.

1. If you complain about having to carry your groceries up three flights of stairs, you probably do not wear a kilt.

2. If you're too shy to get your dance on, you are officially not kilt material.

3. If Frisbee golf wears you out, chances are you're not a kilt guy.

4. If you take yourself seriously all the time, kilts are not gonna be your thing.

5. Kilted men take care of business.

6. If you hire someone to do your yard work, you are probably not kilt material.

7. If you can't handle the cold, you can't handle a kilt.

8. If you're not good with kids, you're not gonna be good with kilts either.

9. Oh, you waited until your roommate got home to move that couch? Go to your closet. Open it. See any kilts? Didn't think so.

10. If you consider yourself allergic to the outdoors, you are also gonna be allergic to wearing a kilt.

11. Men with kilts are never too cool for school.

12. You get tired just watching sports on TV? You have been found "not kilty."

13. Real men always wear kilts. Shirts? That's optional.

14. Because the kilt is the intergalactic symbol of manhood.

And because these badasses wear them:

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