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11 Reasons Bromances Are Awesome, As Told By "Star Trek" GIFs

Living long and prospering is all about having a few good friends. Star Trek Beyond in Australian cinemas July 21.

1. There's always someone to go on a hoon with.

2. And you both like to get up to crazy sh*t that could get you hurt...

3. ...with one of you always pushing it a little too far.

4. Built-in drinking buddy 24/7...

5. ...and someone to carry you to the kebab shop after the drinking is done.

6. They've always got your back in a fight.

7. You're never left hanging.

8. You've always got friendly competition to see who's got the bigger gun.

9. You've always got someone who knows what to get you for birthdays.

10. One of you is always a hero in some situation too.

11. And best of all, you're always invited over.

This isn't your dad's Star Trek – grab your mates and check out Star Trek Beyond in cinemas July 21.

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