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10 Things That Would Probably Happen If "Star Trek" Were Set In Australia

There'd be a lot more BBQs in space. Star Trek Beyond in Australian cinemas July 21.

1. Spock would be called "Spocko".

2. The Vulcan Salute would actually be a shakas.

3. Most planets explored would have a sick giant beach.

4. There would be debate over the USS Enterprise and its make and model.

5. The crew would argue over which is the best out of the footy codes.

6. Membership to the Star Fleet would work just like your local RSL.

7. Things would be a lot more sweary.

8. The crew would rest up after a hard day with a few tinnies.

9. Poor Scotty would get called "Ranga" every now and then.

10. And this would be the mandated footwear on deck.

Star Trek Beyond in cinemas July 21.

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