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Definitive Proof That Ranch Is The Superior Condiment

It's a scientific fact that ranch is just the best thing to ever happen to mankind, and we have the results to prove it. Better yet, StarKist Tuna Creations® now comes in new Ranch flavor: a quick, easy, and guilt-free way to get your ranch fix.

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Hypothesis: Ranch dressing is the superior condiment.


Scientific Evidence: It's the most beautiful sight when it's poured over food.

Some swear that it's even good on its own.

It keeps you company during those long work hours.

Bekathwia / Via Flickr: bekathwia

It brings people together and creates bonds that will last a lifetime.

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sduck409 / Via Flickr: sduck409

It's a love worth expressing to the world.

As a pick-up line, it's GUARANTEED to work.*

*Can't actually guarantee claim, but if it doesn't work, they're not worth it.
Rob Boudon / Via Flickr: robboudon

*Can't actually guarantee claim, but if it doesn't work, they're not worth it.

It's the only condiment that is impossible to have enough of.


If you ever ask yourself, "Is there enough ranch?" — it's time to add more.

People write poetic works of art based on it.

It allows you to find out who your true friends are.

It upgrades chocolate fountains to a whole new level that was never thought to be possible.

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Oh, and one more thing...

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Conclusion: Ranch is the best thing to grace this beautiful Earth, and we don't know what we'd do without it.