The Ultimate British Summer To-Do List

Summer is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on all the fun stuff you could be doing, use this handy checklist to plan your summer. One more thing you should add to your to-do list: grab a Starbucks Frappuccino®: the delicious summery flavours Mocha Cookie Crumble and Strawberries and Cream are in store now.

    1. 1 Eat ice cream in the park?
    2. 2 Eat ice cream in the park, barefoot?
    3. 3 Eat ice cream in the park, barefoot, then realise the grass is probably a bit dirty, so panic and put your shoes back on?
    4. 4 Throw a barbecue?
    5. 5 Throw a barbecue where you serve up more than just burgers and sausages?
    6. 6 Swim in an outdoor pool?
    7. 7 Swim in the ocean?
    8. 8 Go to a festival (you’ve already booked tickets)?
    9. 9 Go to a festival (you haven’t yet booked tickets)?
    10. 10 Say you’re going to a festival, but forget to book tickets?
    11. 11 Sleep under the stars?
    12. 12 Go to see an outdoor movie?
    13. 13 Blow bubbles from a bubble blower?
    14. 14 Draw on the pavements with chalk?
    15. 15 Go to the beach (with sand)?
    16. 16 Go to the beach (with stones)?
    17. 17 Get sand somewhere you’d rather not?
    18. 18 Build a sandcastle?
    19. 19 Kick over a sandcastle?
    20. 20 Go fruit picking?
    21. 21 Sleep in a hammock?
    22. 22 Drink an iced coffee in the sun?
    23. 23 Go on holiday?
    24. 24 Buy holiday souvenirs and only realise they’re cheap tat when you get home?
    25. 25 Rent a bike?
    26. 26 Play tennis?
    27. 27 Throw a frisbee?
    28. 28 Read a trashy book that you’d normally be ashamed to be seen with?
    29. 29 Sleep with all your windows open?
    30. 30 Complain that you’re still too hot?
    31. 31 Flip your pillow over to the cool side?
    32. 32 Go and do tourist-y things?
    33. 33 Complain about there being too many tourists?
    34. 34 Have a water fight?
    35. 35 Go to Wimbledon?
    36. 36 Eat strawberries and cream?
    37. 37 Go to a Royal park?
    38. 38 Have a picnic in a park?
    39. 39 Have a holiday romance?
    40. 40 Get heartbroken by said holiday romance?
    41. 41 Realise, in the cold light of day and now that their tan has faded, that your holiday romance looks like David Brent?
    42. 42 Eat fish and chips by the sea?
    43. 43 Play cricket?
    44. 44 Go to a village fete?
    45. 45 Go to a summer wedding?
    46. 46 Make a cola float?
    47. 47 Spend a whole night in a beer garden, refusing to put a cardigan on?
    48. 48 Spend waaayyy too much money on flipflops?
    49. 49 Go to an outdoor concert?
    50. 50 Feel wonderfully patriotic?

2. Not only is the summer back, two delicious Starbucks Frappuccino® flavours - Mocha Cookie Crumble and Strawberries and Cream, are back.

Another item on your Summer To-Do list? Enjoy a delicious Starbucks Frappuccino® like a Mocha Cookie Crumble and Strawberries and Cream.

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