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14 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner, are you ready to celebrate? Follow these simple steps for party success and celebrate the other joys of autumn with a warm Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks.

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1. First things first: Send out appropriately spooky invitations.

A plain ol' Facebook invite will do as well, for those with less of a knack for craftiness.

2. And make picking a costume easier for everyone by setting a dress-up theme.

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Zombies, pirates, movie characters -- anything is game!

3. Entertain your guests with frightful treats.

Nothing says "boo!" quite like snacking on an old witchy finger cookie. Find out how to make these witch finger cookies here.

4. And drink!

Please, no real spiders in the drinks. Get the recipe for the classic "Devil's Blood" cocktail here.

5. Stock up on the miniature sweets.

Halloween is synonymous with binging on treats, so make sure you have plenty for your guests to indulge with!

6. Modify your doorbell to play a frightening scream instead of a ring.

Don't make it so scary that everyone turns around and leaves, but you've got to set the mood right from the get-go! Find out how here.

7. When it comes to decorations, don't hold back. You'll need plenty of eyeballs,

Sneak them into people's drinks when they're not watching for added fright.

8. Loads of skeletons, big and small.

The realer, the better.

9. And a heavy layer of cobwebs throughout.

If you can't find artificial cobwebs, just let your flat go un-dusted for a few months prior to Halloween -- real spiders will add to the spooky atmosphere.

10. Make sure you deck out the outside of your home as well.

Sure, the neighbors might think you've gone kooky, but setting the mood inside and out is important.

11. Set up activity stations to entertain the young ones, like bobbing for apples...

What better way to embarrass your friends AND offer them a nutritious snack all at once?

12. A pumpkin-carving station...

Cut that pumpkin up. Turn it into a lantern. Do it!

13. Or a "Find Your Way Blind" haunted house.

Inviting people to blindly grope cold food might sound strange, but trust us, it's an American tradition. Find out how to set up the various creepy-feeling objects here.

14. Most importantly, turn up the tunes and have a ball!

What other day of the year can you dress up and act like a kid with a proper excuse? Take advantage, already!