The 21 Greatest Belly Flops And Dives On The Internet

Nothing shows off your style better than jumping into a body of water. Here are the 21 greatest flops and dives on the Internet, along with their official Olympic Diving score. Whether you’re doing your own crazy dives or sipping a Starbucks Frappuccino® in the shallow end, make this summer one to remember.

1. Fully-Clothed Dead Man's Flop

This flop currently holds the world record for the lowest score in competitive diving.

2. Half Swan To A Full Flop

A few tenths of a point were awarded for the impressive height of the diving platform.

3. Long Distance Flailing Back Flop

The powerful forward motion of this back flop earned it a solid one point.

4. High Dive Flip To A Full Flop

The flip still needs work, but the flop was spot on.

5. Sideways Penguin Flop

This was tentative and sloppy, two important factors in a good flop.

6. Flailing Houseboat Flop

Perfectly disorganized.

7. Backwards Flip To A Half Flop

Ambitious, yet completely devoid of grace or technical skill.

8. Flailing Headfirst Boat Flop

This was awkward, even by flop standards.

9. Reverse Double Flip To A Full Flop

Technically a masterful belly flop! However, major points were deducted because it was clearly an accident.

10. Flailing Sideways Cliff Flop

Extra points were awarded because this guy had his own cameraman.

11. Triple Flip Into A Back Flop

Great energy and spirit in these flips!

12. Frantic Running Cliff Jump

Pretending to run through the air is a cool jumping technique.

13. Super Splash Cannonball

An additional point was awarded because this guy’s girlfriend doesn’t seem to care about any of this.

14. Headfirst Truck Flop

This dive would’ve scored higher had the car made it over the edge of the pool.

15. Majestic Swan Flop

This is one of the greatest examples of a “pure” belly flop - 100% intentional and executed to perfection.

16. Full Dog Flop

Another brilliantly executed belly flop with bonus points for panache.

17. Reverse Double Flip Cannonball

Ok. These dives are starting to get more extreme.

18. Fully-Clothed Reverse Flip With A Half Flop

Bonus points were awarded because this guy was in a business meeting.

19. Full Arms-And-Legs Swan Into A Headfirst Cannonball Tuck

And this guy clearly knows what he’s doing.

20. Totally Bananas Double Reverse Stretch Flip


21. Stuck Forever In A Permanently Epic Backflip

And, finally, this guy gets bonus points for flipping back and forth, in an endlessly awesome loop, for the rest of eternity.

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