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The 16 Faces You Make During A Typical Summer Day

Summer is a time of extreme emotions. Here is the full range of feelings we can expect on a typical summer day. Record and tag your own reactions with #sipface and launch into summer with Starbucks Frappuccino®.

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1. Hearing the alarm after three hours of sleep

2. Stepping outside and it's already 85 degrees and humid

3. Getting your morning coffee

4. Sitting in bumper-to-bumper morning traffic

5. Accidentally taking a sip of day-old car soda

6. Listening to your loud-ass air conditioner that doesn't even blow cold air

7. Hitting the wall at 3pm

8. But getting to leave work early with enough time to go to the beach

9. Driving around in your friend's convertible

10. Drinking a Frappuccino® at the beach

11. ...And watching surfers

12. Or taking a dip

13. Being asked to house sit for your family friends who have airconditioning

14. ...And a pool

15. Beating the heat and jamming out to an awesome stereo

16. And falling into bed a little sandy at the end of a long day