19 Ways To Make Summer Last Longer

One of the few unfortunate things about summer is that it feels like it’s over in the blink of an eye. Don’t let these days slip away! Here are things you can do to live in the moment and get the most out of the greatest season.

1. First and foremost, get out of town.

Far enough away where your town is just a speck in the distance.

2. Take your time getting there.

Wherever you’re going, give yourself a couple hours to enjoy the ride.

3. Pool your money with friends and rent a cabin in the woods.

GabPRR / Via Flickr: gabprr

Websites like VRBO and Airbnb are a great way to find amazing deals. You’d be surprised at the swanky places you can afford when you’re splitting the rate between five or six friends.

4. And spend the night watching a campfire.

5. Seize every opportunity to see live music.

6. And let it put you into a trance.

7. Keep the fun of fireworks alive.

Mini D / Via Flickr: bfsminid

The Fourth of July doesn’t own fireworks! You can use them all summer long.

8. Work a little yoga into your routine.

Time slows down when you focus on the present moment.

9. You can also practice yoga on the beach.

10. Pick a day and force yourself to get up and watch a sunrise.

Experiencing the calm before the world wakes up is a great way to break out of lazy summer habits and see things in a different light… um, literally.

11. Spend an entire day floating in a pool.

Julie Haler / Via Flickr: titlap

13. In a boat.

visualpanic / Via Flickr: visualpanic

14. Or floating through the air.

15. Find the perfect location to finish reading your summer novel.

Randy Son Of Robert / Via Flickr: randysonofrobert

16. Or find a tiny island and claim it as your own.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources / Via Flickr: widnr

17. Reunite with an old friend.

18. Or make a new one.

19. And whether you’re savoring the moment or jumping into a new adventure, get there with a Frappuccino®.

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