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18 People Who Are Doing Summer Better Than You

We all love summer, but are we truly getting the most out of it? Here are 18 people who are squeezing every drop of excitement out of these precious three months. Whatever you do, launch into it with a Starbucks Frappuccino®.

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1. This fellow on a casual afternoon bike ride

2. Or this acrobat in his garage

3. This dolphin whisperer

4. Or the owner of this flying turtle

5. The people who created their own water park

6. This guy with the wicked curveball

7. This master of pool lounging

8. Or the guy with springs for legs

9. This couple

10. Just kidding... This couple

11. The owner of this goat

12. And this dog

13. This little fella, too

14. This guy who knows how to make a beach entrance

15. Or this diver undeterred by physical limitations

16. This guy surfing a bioluminescent tide

17. These landlocked tarp surfers

18. Or these friends who can fly

Whatever you do, set the bar high, and launch into it with a Frappuccino® in hand