18 Artistic Ways To Leave Your Mark This Summer

Make this summer better than it already is with a dose of your own creativity. Here are eighteen fun artistic projects you can tackle, sponsored by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. Yarn bomb your town.

leyink / Via Flickr: leyink

Add life to inanimate objects in your city. Someone in San Francisco turned this water pipe into ET.

2. Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk.

Robert Couse-Baker / Via Flickr: 29233640@N07

It’s graffiti without the risk of a felony charge!

3. Or make something even more challenging with colored sand.

scriptingnews / Via Flickr: scriptingnews

4. Get permission to do a mural.

veritatem / Via Flickr: veritatem

Talk to your neighbors or local businesses about creating a mural on private property. Artistic murals are one of the best graffiti deterrents.

5. Make a beach mosaic out of multi-colored rocks.

Eamonn_Sullivan / Via Flickr: eamonn_sullivan

6. Or make towers out of normal rocks.

wlcutler / Via Flickr: wlcutler

7. Stage your own GIF.

8. Or GIF your favorite summer treat.

9. Get a temporary tattoo from the sun.

10. Make an ice scuplture.

Moscow holds an annual summer ice sculpting contest. All you need is a chain saw and a block of ice. Proceed with caution!

11. Stage a public acrobatics performance.

12. Or draw a picture in the sky.

DBduo Photography / Via Flickr: drb62

You don’t even have to be good at drawing. You do however, need a plane and a pilot’s license.

13. Reshape your parent’s garden.

Vironevaeh / Via Flickr: vironevaeh

14. Or capture the summer foliage on film.

15. Build a huge sand castle.

Image by Mark Renders / Getty Images

16. Or many little sand castles. Sand cars?

Image by Trae Patton / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

17. Make your own crop circles.

Kecko / Via Flickr: kecko

This one might take a few friends. And someone good at math.

18. And when you exhaust all of these options, you can always turn anything into art with googly eyes.

Rob Cruickshank / Via Flickr: 84221353@N00

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