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15 Ways To Blow Off Some Steam During Finals

Summer's almost here, but it probably doesn't feel that way if you're buried up to your neck in a pile of work. Here are fifteen effective ways to blow off steam brought to you by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

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1. Start by taking advantage of what you're sitting in


Dorm floors and libraries make for nice race courses.

2. Or head to the gym

3. Exercise is great for stress

kainr / Via Flickr: 434pics

4. So is getting your freak on


Whenever. Wherever.

5. You can also work on an art project

Nina Matthews Photography / Via Flickr: 21560098@N06

6. Or load up on Frappuccinos

7. If nothing is working, try freezing your ass off


A quick plunge in a cold river or lake will reboot your system and prepare you for a week's worth of studying.

8. Watch a movie that doesn't require much thought

9. Or eat a super hot chili pepper


If you can make it past a minute or so of extreme discomfort you'll, get an endorphin rush similar to a long workout.

10. You could push the cafeteria trays to their limit

11. Have someone yell at you

Mitch Rue / Via Flickr: alfons069

12. Or play mind games with the library staff


Lay face down on a table and see how long it takes the staff to ask you to stop.

13. If you're still stressing, you might need to get naked

14. Or go nuts on a rival sorority or fraternity house


I mean, if not now, when?

15. Before abandoning all hope, scream violently into a pillow

Don't give up. You can do this!