14 Reasons Summer Is The Greatest Time For Romance

According to the Internet, summer romance mostly exists in the form of dramatic silhouettes. Here are 14 reasons summer is the time for love, told with mysterious shadow people. Go out and find your own dramatically lit romance with a Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. The sun is shining and people are out and about, which means abundant opportunities for finding a soul mate.

But remember, it might not be the first person to come along.

2. Whether it’s a state fair, the beach, or the skating rink, attractive people are everywhere.

D. Sharon Pruitt / Via Flickr: pinksherbet

Your chances of brushing shoulders with a sexy stranger in the summer are double what they are in the darkness of winter. Any of the shadowy figures above could be your true love.

3. Every park bench becomes a perfect date spot.

Kristina Sohappy / Via Flickr: kristina-sohappy

Head to the grocery store and buy some fruit, cheese, and crackers. Voila! You’re ready for a super romantic picnic date.

4. Or you can take your dates on the road.

niboluda33 / Via instagram.com

Head for the hills and find your own dramatic late afternoon light.

5. You can kiss outdoors much, much longer in the summer than you can in the winter.

6. Or climb to the top of the tallest hill and actually kiss the sun.

smellslikesummer_ / Via instagram.com

7. Summer is the time for holding hands without mittens.

Carmela Nava / Via Flickr: carmelanava

That’s right. Hot hand-on-hand action and making heart hands against the sky.

8. And working on your Dirty Dancing routine.

j_a_s_m_i_n_a / Via instagram.com

9. You can dance in a park on a warm night.

You aren’t in a club, so no one will see your awkward moves, and everything is more romantic when surrounded by fireflies.

10. Or… dance in the sand, then slowly move into dancing in the lake.

11. And if the water’s not too cold, go in up to your waist, hold a candle, and stare into each other’s eyes.

Any other time of year and this romantic moment is a hypothermia hazard.

12. Once you’re out of the water, you can build a tiny fire to warm up.

Bonus: The light from the fire will cast a shadow and turn you and your lover into sexy silhouettes.

13. When the fire dies down, you can kiss under the moonlight.

Sabrina Campagna / Via Flickr: mar1lyn84

The moonlight will cast an even more romantic shadow.

14. And stay awake until the sun comes up.

nattu / Via Flickr: nattu

You’ll be cold. You’ll be sandy. But you’ll be so entranced by summer love, you won’t even notice.

This summer, share a Starbucks Frappuccino® with the one you love.

Pilottage / Via Flickr: pilottage

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