12 Ways To Shake Up A Boring Summer Afternoon

It’s summer, it’s beautiful out, and you’re inside scrolling endlessly on the internet. Don’t waste this moment. Here are twelve much better things you could be doing, brought to you by Starbucks Frappuccino®.

1. Direct a flawless trick shot video

If you can pull off something like this, you’ll live forever on the internet. Start practicing.

2. Throw a spontaneous pool party

Inflatable pools cost less than $50 and you can set them up anywhere. Well, almost anywhere.

3. Engage in friendly combat

Take a water balloon fight to the next level and make it part of a massive game of capture the flag.

4. Scour the countryside to discover new swimming holes

Venture a few hours outside of your city and find scenic and secluded places to cool off. SwimmingHoles.org is an amazing resource.

5. Organize a cut-throat croquet tournament

It’s more intense than it seems and you can add in your own rules and victory dances!

6. Make your own Slip 'n Slide

It’s unbelievable how much fun a black plastic tarp and a garden hose can be.

7. Get fired up for America's pastime

Little League games can be just as entertaining as professional baseball. Plus, they’re free, and kids these days have all that swagger.

8. Sneak out of work and go dancing

Most cities have a variety of afternoon music events in the summer, or you can grab a boombox and start your own dance party.

9. Master that trick you've been working on

Practice makes perfect and summer is home to the longest day of the year. You have no excuse.

10. Get a free massage

Swim out through the surf a few times.

11. Or kick back and relax in a hammock

You might need some friends for this.

12. Wherever the afternoon takes you, launch into it with a Frappuccino

And photograph and tag your Frappuccino #sipface.

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