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Morning Rituals To Help Boost Your Creativity Throughout The Day

Get inspired with some of these tried and tested creativity-sparking rituals.

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Sketch Out Your Dreams

Courtesy of Leslie R.

"I have the most vivid dreams ever. The other night, I was fighting a giant bird-looking monster made from dirt that rose from a desert, and yesterday I was being chased by four ginormous lions downs the streets of Florence. I probably remember my dreams as well as I do 'cause I sketch them out in the morning — it gets my creative juices flowing, and it's better than scrolling my Insta or doing something mind-numbing. Plus, I like to think about how I'm illustrating something coming straight from my subconscious! It feels very magical."

—Leslie R.

Give Yourself Time to Wake Up!

"I generally like to allow a good hour before I have to do anything productive in the day. I like to allow time to putter and do my 'usual' morning tasks that help to set me up and get me focused. It's often in the most mundane of activities that I have my clearest thoughts, so I like to just take it slowly and not rush in the morning to allow my mind to process at its own rate (which is pretty slowly when it's early!)."

—Lucy G.

Write Three Pages

Sofie Delauw / Getty Images

"Every morning when I first wake up, I handwrite three pages. It's part of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron — the goal is just to write, and not to edit anything you say. That way you flush all the boring/annoying/mundane/negative thoughts out of your brain and get yourself ready to have actual ideas!"

—Jen W.

Make the Most of Your Commute!

"I'm subscribed to a few different newsletters (like Pep Talk and The Neo Traditionalist, which is filled with pretty stuff), so I have some nice things to read on my train ride to work."

—Ashley C.

Get the Endorphins (and the Ideas) Flowing!

Westend61 / Getty Images

"I love starting my day with a workout because it's usually when I come up with new ideas or solutions to problems. I don't do anything too intense, sometimes just a brisk walk. Something about the repetitiveness or the rhythm of it means my mind is free to wander. Plus listening to music and the endorphins exercise releases means I start my day in a great mood."

—Priya M.

Set Yourself Daily Tasks

"When I wake up, I turn off the alarm on my phone and don't look at it for another 30 minutes (major 🔑). I make coffee and a bit of breakfast (usually avocado and toast or a boiled egg or something). While eating breakfast I have a book that I write in that gives me creative prompts to complete. It's small and only takes five minutes or less, but it gets my head in a space of clarity. creativity, and positivity. "

—Clark M.

Get Some Mental and Physical Space

Courtesy of Kiranjeet Kaur.

"I have to be in the right environment before I paint, so in the morning I clean and tidy my room so that it's in a good state for me to start working in the evening as soon as I get home from work."

—Kiranjeet K.

Start Off Your Day With a Health Kick

Courtesy of Priya Minhas

"I've been on a health kick of late so every morning I make myself a smoothie — maybe it's psychosomatic, but it definitely feels like having that healthy start sets me up for a good day, whatever I'm going to be doing. I'm finding that being healthy and focused in that one area of my life is really helping to motivate me to have discipline in other parts of my life. For me, creativity is so much about discipline, so I actually find it really helpful to have routine in my life, not just my morning. It helps me to think clearer, motivate myself better, and stay focused."

—Lucy G.

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