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11 Historical Paintings That Prove Sipping Tea Has Always Been A Thing

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1. When you're listening to your friend blame all her problems on Mercury retrograde:

2. When your grandmother makes an off-hand comment about how you're still single:

3. When you're standing in line behind a coffee shop customer who asks to speak to the manager:

4. When your whole squad went on dates last night and you're all trying to talk about it:

5. When you're watching a problematic article get dragged in the comments:

6. When your mom is yelling at your siblings:

7. When you're on your way to spill hot gossip to a friend:

8. When your friend tells you to act cool because her ex is walking over:

9. When your date starts mansplaining feminism to you:

10. When you walk into a room to spill some tea, only to find out the tea has already been spilled:

11. When the townspeople are spilling the tea, but your tea is way hotter, and you're about to spill it on the unsuspecting townspeople below:

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