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11 Snapchat Moments Only Starbucks Lovers Will Understand

You're "that girl" and you don't care.

1. When you have your first experience with love and loss.

2. And you still haven't gotten over it.

3. When your name is actually "Quinn" but whatever.

4. When you travel to Seattle to visit the birthplace of everything good in the world.

5. When everything is color coordinated perfectly.

6. When your drinks turn your whole squad into a human rainbow.

7. When your indecision is actually a total perk.

8. When Starbucks becomes your second home.

9. When you get the very best treatment on your big day.

10. Even if it takes more than one try to get it right.

11. When you don't have a reason, but it's just. so. beautiful.

Cool down and find your snap-worthy iced drink this summer at Starbucks.