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40 Thoughts We All Had The Night Before The First Day Of School

Something you don’t have to think about before school? Where to get 110% ready. (Staples, of course.) We can’t say the same for these random thoughts.

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1. Ugh, I can't fall asleep!

2. What if I finally fall asleep, but then I sleep through my alarm?

3. What if my alarm doesn't even go off?

4. Did I set it? Is it plugged in?

5. Yes. Alarm is definitely set. And definitely plugged in.

6. OK, back to trying to fall asleep. 100…99…98…

7. I can't wait to see my friends!!!!!!

8. This is going to be the best. year. ever.

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9. What am I going to wear?

10. Jeans and a T-shirt makes sense, right?

11. That's easy, and I'm not trying too hard.

12. What if I forget to wear pants?

13. Stop. That's crazy.

14. That's just a dream.

15. I would never actually forget to wear pants.

16. Right?

17. Remember! Remember! Wear pants!

18. What if my friends don't have lunch at the same time and then I have no one to sit next to?

19. I don't want to sit in the corner alone.

20. Maybe I could befriend a new kid. That'd be a nice thing to do.

21. I wish summer weren't ending.

22. Will my teacher know that I neglected to do the summer reading assignment?

23. Probably not.

24. To Kill a Mockingbird was about an actual bird...right?

25. Yes. I think it absolutely was.

26. I got this!

27. I heard Ms. Andrews is really hard for math.

28. I don't want to think about math right now.

29. Oh no. What if I have to sit in the first row of the classroom?

30. OR what if I have to sit in the back and forget my glasses and can't see anything?

31. Should I speak up?

32. Will people think I'm weird?

33. It'd be awesome if my locker were next to Jamie's this year.

34. I better not forget my combination.

35. Maybe I should try out for a sports team.

36. I played soccer when I was a kid. I could give that a whirl again.

37. Or, ooooh, what about band?

38. I'd look so cool playing guitar.

39. Tomorrow is going to be good.

40. New year, new me!

Don't sweat the small stuff!

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