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Procrastination: As Told By The Internet

When it comes to your school supplies, don't dillydally. Head to Staples today to be 110% prepared!

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1. When someone asks why it takes so long to clean your room:

2. When you have a day off and just can't:

3. When you shan't be doing anything:

4. When you probably should have studied earlier:

5. When you realize what your real favorite sport is:

- When I was a kid I used to play basketball but now my favourite sport is procrastination.

6. When you're *particular* about your reading materials:

7. When you've accomplished so much in so little time:

8. When you know that problems will eventually go away:

9. When cures can wait:

What do we want? A cure for procrastination!! When do we want it? Tomorrow!!

10. When the error of your ways finally catches up with you:

11. When you'll do anything to buy yourself more time:

12. When life just keeps getting in the way:

13. When you realize you deserve a break:

14. When you think of other ways to write papers instead of actually writing them:

When it's time to get 110% ready for school, head to Staples!