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13 Reasons Why Hawks Fans Know The Cup Belongs In Chicago

The Blackhawks have made it to the Stanley Cup Final! Catch up on every #MyPlayoffsMoment and the Hawks' fight against the Lightning, only on!

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1. That’s right! The Blackhawks are once again fighting for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

2. And everyone, from the most devoted pups…

3. …to your dentist, wants bragging rights!

4. Because it's been two years since we won...

5. ...and in Chicago, all roads lead to The Cup (no matter where you are).

6. We all consider ourselves superfans.

7. We're even willing to permanently mark our bodies to prove where our loyalty lies!

8. We can easily make songs out of our favorite players' names.

9. And we've been prepping for the Cup's homecoming with personal ticker-tape parades.

10. Kids should know what it feels like to be part of a winning dynasty...

11. …and big kids should be able to carry that passion with them through their most important milestones.

12. No matter how far away from Chicago we are, we take our team with us…

13. …because the Hawks = Life!


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