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13 Reasons Why Bolts Fans Know The Cup Belongs In Tampa Bay

The Lightning have made it to the Stanley Cup Final! Catch up on #MyPlayoffsMoment and the Bolts' fight against the Blackhawks, only on!

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1. That's right! The Lightning are fighting for Lord Stanley's Cup.

2. And everyone from the tiniest animals...

3. devotees with the biggest heads want bragging rights!

4. Because it’s been a while since the Cup has felt some good ol' Tampa Bay sunshine.

5. And like, Bish please, our goalie is 6 feet 7 inches tall and has set a few records this postseason.

6. We know how to work our good luck charms for our team...

7. ...and are ready to shower the Bolts with parades and accolades.

8. Seriously. There would be endless celebrations!

9. We're down to scream the loudest and lose our voices after every goal.

10. Little kids should know what it feels like to be winners basically from birth...

12. We take our pride everywhere we go...

13. ...because we have the most heart!