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18 Pets Who Are Pucking Excited About The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Who will claim Lord Stanley's cup this year? Get in on the action with #MyPlayoffsMoment, and see game schedules, only at!

1. This little guy, who knows what he'd do with the Cup if the Hawks win:

#MyPlayoffsMoment #HAWKSWIN #jackrussell

2. This puck prince, who's #8's biggest fan:

3. This horse, who wanted the Flames to gallop to victory:

#MyPlayoffsMoment Celebrating the playoffs in true western fashion! Go Flames Go

4. This retriever, who's taking a break from chasing Ducks to cheer for them:

Chillin waitin for second period to start. GO DUCKS!! #MyPlayoffsMoment @AnaheimDucks

5. This pup, who hopes her rain dance helps Lightning strike twice:

Let's go @TBLightning #MyPlayoffsMoment

6. This cat, who thinks the Rangers' future is so bright, he needs shades:

LET'S GO RANGERS!!! @NYRangers @NHL #NYR #MyPlayoffsMoment #BecauseItsTheCup #StanleyCupStyle #mycatisasportsfan

7. This goalden, who Ottawanted a Sens win.

8. This little girl, who's all about the purrrrfect score:

9. This hunk of fluff, who is a real Tampa Bae:

10. This gal, who is ready to Chicago-all-the-way to the finals:

#MyPlayoffsMoment The #Blackhawks prettiest fan

11. This hedgie, who was ready to get Wild:

Go wild!! My good luck charm!! #hedgie #MyPlayoffsMoment

12. This howlin' Habs fan, who couldn't contain his excitement:

13. This tiny Canucks supporter, who was hoping they could make a bigger splash:

14. This guinea pig, who's all about that puck life because he's the size of one:

Patches the guinea pig #MyPlayoffsMoment #GoRangers

15. This sleepy Wings fan, who knows a thing or two about hat tricks:

It's so cold in the D! #LGRW #MyPlayoffsMoment

16. This tabby, who knows a four-game sweep is more important than catnip and mice combined:

Even the cat is watching hockey. #MyPlayoffsMoment

17. This bully, who is enforcing the "no embellishment" rule:

18. And this adorable Jets fan, who pawsitively can't get enough of the Stanley Cup Playoffs:

Sugar and PUPcorn Stanley cup #MyPlayoffsMoment

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Courtesy of NHL