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15 Things You Wish Were Delivered Right To You

You want it, but it's aaaaaaalllll the way over there. Luckily, it's not always that way. For instance, Stand Up To Cancer is having your favorite celebrities come directly to you! Tune in on September 5 to see if you get the call to Stand Up To Cancer.

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1. Coffee that's ready as soon as your alarm goes off.

2. Pancakes in bed.

3. Or whatever your favorite morning treat may be.

4. High fives for when you do something awesome and no one's around.


5. All the medicine on a sick day.


6. Nachos. Definitely Nachos.


7. Heck, everything at Chipotle.

8. Money brought to your door, so you don't have to hunt down an ATM.

9. Knowledge from a book, without reading the book.

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10. A mattress, but only if delivered by this guy:

11. Puppies. All of the puppies.


13. Fun, on demand.

14. A little help, when you need it.

15. And your best friend, anytime.

Stand Up To Cancer is bringing a phone call from your favorite celebrity right to you. Just sign up at Then, on September 5, a celebrity might call you to Stand Up with them in the fight against cancer.

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Tune in September 5 on all major broadcast networks to Stand Up To Cancer!