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If You Don't Know What A Girlfriend Experience Is, You Need To Read This

It's a whole new world.

Stan has just launched a new season of the critically acclaimed The Girlfriend Experience.

The new season dives into two tales with two episodes launching each week. Each episode and story dives further into the world of girlfriend experiences from two unique perspectives.

But maybe you've never heard of a "girlfriend experience" before and are curious. Is it a new form of escorting? Is it a sugar daddy/sugar baby sitch? Well, yes and no.

A girlfriend experience (or GFE) is essentially a relationship service where the terms are negotiated. And just like conventional relationships, every GFE is different.

Most include dating and the things that come with it — like attending dinners and work events — as well as varying levels of intimacy. Sex doesn't have to be a part of it – but it often is.

While it might emulate dating, it is still a service that is provided and paid for with money and gifts.

Girlfriends often set up online profiles with their photos, interests, and experiences. People can enquire, but ultimately the girlfriend decides whether or not they're going to message back.

It's a service that seems to be getting more popular, with people using it as a way to have ~intimacy~ on their own terms.

Girlfriend experiences can come with their pitfalls, like people crossing boundaries and falling in love...

...or people just ghosting you, leaving, or meeting someone else, like any other relationship.

In many ways, girlfriend experiences challenge assumptions and misconceptions people might have of certain situations, sex workers, or the sex industry in general.

So check out the brand-new Season 2 of The Girlfriend Experience exclusively on Stan to get a glimpse into a whole new world.

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