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10 Reasons You Should Be Excited For “The Girlfriend Experience” Season 2

*heavy breathing* Better catch your breath; you can now watch the first two episodes of the new season, exclusively on Stan.

1. Season 2 of the critically acclaimed series that gives insight into the world of girlfriend experiences introduces a whole new cast. While we won't see the return of Christine Reade played by Riley Keough, we are introduced to three brand-new main characters...

2. ...AND two parallel stories, with two episodes being released each week. (An episode for each story. Get it??)

3. One story is set in the corrupt backroom political landscape of Washington, DC...

4. ...featuring Louisa Krause as Anna Greenwald and Anna Friel as Erica Myles, with each navigating the lies and deceit that come with their respective professions.

5. Erica Myles is a political power broker behind some of Washington's elite rises to the top, doing whatever it takes to gain power – even utilising Anna's girlfriend experience services to gain access to Washington's wealthiest and most influential men.

6. The other story is set in Placitas featuring Carmen Ejogo, who plays ex-escort Bria Jones on the run and in witness protection.

7. While on the run, we see how Bria struggles with her desire to return to her old comforts...

8. well as having to lie and teach herself to be a brand-new person under witness protection.

9. On the run from a previous violent situation that has led to her fearing for her life, Bria's craving for freedom and what she wants could risk her safety all over again.

10. Or will she decide to take matters into her own hands and make a stand instead of running again?

Watch the new season of The Girlfriend Experience now, exclusively on Stan.

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