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Why Should You Vote In The Leadership Race?

Find out why you should be voting in the Leadership Race this week.

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Officers tell people what you think.

Big decision makers from the University will go to the Officer team to ask their opinion on what you think. The only way to make sure the right person is expressing what you think is by voting.

How Staffs looks on a national scale, to the NUS, other Universities and people who aren't students.

Not only do Officers represent your opinions, but they will also be the representative for Staffs students on a national level. If you see someone running that you think is a bit of an idiot or isn't taking it seriously and don't want people to see your University in that way, then vote.

Officers can change the things you don't like about Staffs.

A part of their job is to change the things at Staffs that you don’t like. Read or watch their manifesto, see what they want to change, and vote for the person who wants to change the same thing as you. Simple, right?

Getting a decision on who's in charge.

You'll always hear us in the Students Union, banging on about your student voice, improving your student experience and how you can have your say on things. This is the biggest and most important way that you can do exactly that. This is the moment when you decide who you think should be in charge, who you trust the most to look after you at Uni and who you can depend on to follow through with what they promise to do.

No one likes to feel ignored. Even you.

How many people do you know that didn’t vote in the EU referendum but don’t want to leave the EU? How many Americans didn’t vote in the presidential election but don’t want Donald trump to be president? If you don’t vote, your opinion physically isn’t there to be counted and things might happen that you don’t agree with.

It’s the same in the Union. If you think car parking should be a priority over mental health, you need to vote for someone who has said that they will make car parking a priority.

Convinced yet?

Head over to the link below to cast your vote.


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