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What To Do When It's Raining at Staffordshire University

At Staffordshire University, which is based in the West Midlands, it rains a fair amount. Most of the time it drizzles, which is bearable, but every now and then it completely tips it down, confining you to the warmth of your relatively dry halls or house. Here are some easy ways to keep yourself busy at precisely those times...

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Watch something on TV

Even though you know full well the only thing worth watching on a Tuesday morning is Come Dine With Me, the same episodes you binged on yesterday between lectures to boot.

Have a hot drink

Sometimes there's nothing better than being warm and snug inside with a tea or coffee whilst the world outside goes to pot.

But once you've finished that?

Plan elaborate ways to prank/annoy your housemates

Because nothing will stave off the boredom like inciting mass hatred among the people closest to you.

Maybe even clean the house

Maybe. Later. After lectures. When you can be bothered. Maybe.

Return your family's phone calls

It's been over a month after all, you should probably come clean about your dire financial situation, awful diet and new tattoo.

Start that module you've been putting off...

Although, there are two more months until the final deadline. No point in stressing yourself out? Right?

Stare out of the window...

When all else fails...

Finally, just suck it up and go outside...

It's really not that bad and everything/one who's interesting is out the front door. Stop being a wimp, chuck on a coat and learn to love the beautiful West Midlands weather.

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