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Did You Lock The Door?

It's a normal day. You woke up, got ready, left the house and went to Uni. But did you lock the door?

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  1. Did you lock the front door before leaving?

    Yes, of course I did. I do it every day without thinking about it.
    Pretty sure I did
    I thought I did but now you mention it…
  2. 2. Well, you probably did. You’ve left a house loads of times before so why would this time be different right?
    Exactly, so it’s fine. Probably.
    That’s what I said. No way have I left the door unlocked.
    Well, that’s true, but I don’t remember doing it.
  3. 3. You do have your laptop there. Maybe you should go back and double-check, just to be sure? Again, it’s probably fine even if you don’t.
    It’s such a long walk home. I think that it’s going to be fine. Maybe.
    True. I can’t leave now though, I’m so busy with coursework already.
    It’s not worth going back because it’s definitely locked.
  4. 4. On the other hand, isn’t it worth the peace of mind, knowing that your room or house won’t be robbed? You don’t want to spend your whole day worrying, even though you say you probably did lock it.

    I guess so
    You’re right. I’m heading home now.
    Again. There’s no point. Its locked.
  5. 5. But then again, you live on the fourth floor...there’s no way a thief would climb all the way up there. He’d probably rob a lower floor for a quicker getaway. Plus, the front door to your Hall automatically locks behind you. So, it almost doesn’t matte

    Good point. Even if the door isn’t locked I doubt they’ll go through that effort.
    Does seem like a small risk. But it’s still in the back of my mind now.
    Doesn’t matter. I vividly remember locking the door on the way out.
  6. 6. Although, student accommodation can be old and worse for wear sometimes, and people do tend to just wonder in and out of Halls. Students are big targets for thieves. Are you still confident?

    That is true. I just assume everyone is a student.
    The lock is a bit funny. I have told Res Life about it though.
    I would swear on the bible that I’ve locked my door this morning
  7. 7. Even though your door is almost for sure locked, do you think you should text a friend or neighbour to check?

    Yes, I’m doing that now.
    I don’t fancy another person knowing my door might be unlocked
    I’m not going to waste someone’s time. The door is locked.
  8. 8. Campus is a safe place; we’ve a won an award for it. So it’ll be fine. Right?

    Yeah, exactly. It should be okay
    That reassurance doesn’t help me at this point. I’m heading home.
    Without knowing that, I’m still 100% confident that the door is locked.

Did You Lock The Door?

You got: Guess what... You didn't lock the door.

Not so confident now are you. Stoke campus is a safe place and we’ve won an award from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust because of it, but you should still double check all doors and windows before you leave so you don’t fall victim to thieves who specifically target students (or your flatmates who covered your room in cling film for a bit of banter). It’s a good idea to get contents insurance too, you’ll probably never claim, but it’s good to cover things like your precious laptop. By the way, you also left the stove on.

Guess what... You didn't lock the door.
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You got: Good job you came home.

You didn't lock the door. Aren’t you glad you headed home. You were lucky this time but you could have fallen victim to a thief or to one of your flatmates who covered your room in tin foil just for the banter. Staffs is a safe campus but always be sure to double check all windows and doors before you head out. Getting cheap contents insurance is also a good idea to cover life essentials like your phone and laptop.

Good job you came home.
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You got: You didn't lock the door!

You were right to be nervous. Luckily Staffs has been awarded for being a safe campus by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust so you should be fine. You should still make a conscious effort to double check everything before you leave for you own peace of mind. You have no need to be worried, but getting cheap contents insurance to cover the essentials like your laptop is a good idea.

You didn't lock the door!
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