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11 Ways To Relax During The Deadline Period

We know it can be stressful in the run up to the end of the year, so here are our best ways to relax.

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1. Take up Yoga.

Yoga is a great way to relieve your body of negative energy and relax, especially if you do it in the morning.

2. Go for a hike.

Staffordshire is full of wonderful scenery, so take a few hours to go and walk around and see the sights.

3. Do something you'd do as a kid, like finger painting.

"Playing", or doing something without a purpose, like finger painting, watching cartoons or digging dirt like you would when you were a kid could be extremely relaxing.

4. Start writing a journal.

Writing down the days events can really help get over them.

5. Tell people about your triumphs.

Let people know what you've achieved and get them to share theirs. It'll make you and your friends/family feel good.

6. Take a 20-minute cat nap.

You're a student, of course you're well attuned to the napping world. Rather than napping for hours, nap for 20 minutes. You'll feel better when you wake up and ready to go.

7. Play some video games.

Video games are a great way to chill out at the end of the day. Just don't let them distract you too much when you should be working.

8. Go to the gym.

Exercise is a great way to both feel good about yourself and get away form the hustle and bustle of every day life.

9. Read that book you've had on your beside table for the last six months.

You can unwind before you go to bed by finally tackling the behemoth reading list you've acquired.

10. Learn a new skill, like magic.

Taking some time to accomplish something like learning a new skill could really benefit you.

11. If all else fails, just chill.

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