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10 Things You May Not Know About Societies At Staffs

We have a bounty of Societies at Staffs, all with their own little quirks. Why not find something new out about a society you're thinking of joining?

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1. The RAMS win awards for their drinking.


The Rock, Alternative and Metal Society won the Union’s Event of the Year award for their Bar Crawl earlier in the year, which almost certainly places them as one of the most entertaining societies to be involved in at Staffs. If you’re a fan of rock, alternative or metal music or just love a good drink, then the RAMS is the society for you.

2. The Cosplay Society have an interesting story about UNO.


The Cosplay Society attend regular conventions across the country, but also attend one right here on campus in the form of bi-yearly event Stoke CON at the Leek Road Venue so that you can cosplay at a smaller scale convention and ease yourself into it if it’s your first time. One thing they don’t do though, is play UNO anymore after tempers were raised and tables were flipped.

3. Staffs TV have their own studio.


The official TV station for the Students’ Union - Staffs TV - have a brand new shiny studio to work with since they moved from Stafford this year. This means if you’re a part of the society you can work from a studio base, which is something that may work wonders for a future career. The society can also provide you with cameras for your own projects.

4. You don’t have to be an actor to join the Amateur Dramatic society.


A common misconception is that if you join the Am Dram society, then you’re going to be acting. This isn’t the case, with a host of production roles available if you’re not too comfortable with being on the big stage. There are opportunities for everyone if you wish to get involved.

5. The Film Society is almost five years old.


The Film Society is getting on a bit, and will have been going for five years soon. They’re planning to have a huge ‘birthday party’ to celebrate, so keep your eyes peeled for news about that.

6. Staffs Smash are like “a society and sports team rolled into one”.


Staffs Smash are a relatively new society, but they’re starting with intent. They refer to themselves as “kind of like a sports team”, and they’ll be travelling to various tournaments and events throughout the year to compete to bring Staffs some gaming glory.

7. The Forensic and Crime Science Society are about more than their name suggests.


FACS is an academic society, but don’t let that fool you – they’re not just about learning – they’re all about having a good time too. They’ve got a lot planned for the next year, including a forensic dive and escape rooms to get your teeth into.

8. The Pagan Society was one of the best new societies last year.


The Pagan Society was nominated as one of the best new start-ups and it’s easy to see why. Anyone is able to join, and you don’t have to be religious or Pagan to join. There are a bounty of things that you can learn from the society and just as many things on offer for you to do in between your studies.

9. The Afro Caribbean Society are all about you having a good time.


The ACS host so many events throughout the year that your head will be spinning by the time you’ve decided which one you want to go to. The society is all about equality, inclusion and education and there’s nothing stopping you from joining and learning more about your own, or a different culture.

10. The Islamic Society claim that members of their religion started the ‘beard hype’.


The Islamic Society are adamant that Muslim men re-ignited the trend of having a beard in recent years. The society is open to anyone of any religion, so if you’re interested in learning about a religion different to your own, maybe the Islamic society is something to check out.

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