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Which Member Of The Kinksquad Are You?

DISCLAIMER: Kinksquad is also synonymous with Macklemore, Emo University, "BECKY LEMME SMASH", and Pre-Professionals in Pain, United™.

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  1. What kind of an art hoe are you?

  2. Social media of choice?

  3. What's your relationship like with your sibling(s)?

    We're tight. We talk pretty often and keep each other updated on life!
    We're literally the same person.
    We're pretty different as people--we're close, but definitely not super DUPER close.
    For all I'm concerned, I'm an only child.
  4. Scenario: You've gone to a party. What's your role in the friend group?

    You KNOW I'm laying on the floor, being force-fed water.
    Hovering by other pals, being generally observant of how drunk/deceased everyone else is.
    Sticking with one pal and being repeatedly shamed for my choice in beverage.
    Hugging literally everyone within arm's reach and telling them I love them.
  5. On the same note, what kind of a drunk are you?

    Short answer: I'm don't really have a type. I don't really drink that much, so it's not really noticeable. I just make sure people aren't dead.
    Mom drunk.
    Affectionate drunk.
    Social butterfly drunk.
  6. Which catchphrase do you relate to the most?

    "_____ is a social construct."
    "bitch me too!! the fuck"
    "The homosexual agenda."
    "I am a garbage human."
  7. Finally--the most telling aspect of one's personality: how often do you have to ask for special swipes?

    I run out literally every week and have to beg like some sort of animal.
    I ration them out--my special swipes are near and dear to my heart.
    I don't watch 'em too carefully--if I run out, I run out. Oh well.
    I'm the one handing out the special swipes at the end of the week.

Which Member Of The Kinksquad Are You?

You got: Joanne

Your interests include: dad hats, making Asian jokes, and napping during class.

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You got: Tom

Your interests include: telling people that you're switching majors, perpetuating the homosexual agenda, and crazy hair.

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You got: Julia

Your interests include: self-deprecating/dad humor, art hoe activities, and wearing shorts and flip flops in the dead of winter.

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You got: Sarah

Your interests include: eating utter garbage, speaking jumbled English, and being indecisive.

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