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    Tweets That Confirm That Sherry And Cary Are The Best Part Of “You” Season 3

    "I've loved every version of you, Sherry."

    🚨 Spoilers ahead for Season 3 of You — you've been warned! 🚨

    Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle absolutely killed in their performances as Cary and Sherry Conrad on Netflix’s You — of course, not literally, since they’re not their murderous codependent neighbors.

    Sherry and Cary

    From the first few episodes of Season 3, you’d think that Cary was just an outdoorsy beefcake and that Sherry was just a like-chasing parent blogger. They’re that but more — weirdly enough, Cary and Sherry have the healthiest and sweetest relationship on the show, as well as one of the funniest.


    After a surreal swinging session with the Quinn-Goldbergs, the Conrads find out about Love killing Natalie and end up being caged beneath A Fresh Tart. But true love prevails — working together, they manage to escape.

    Sherry and Cary

    Sure, they may have shot each other in the leg and ear while locked up in the cage, but what kind of couple doesn't go through some hurdles?

    So to celebrate just how iconic their relationship is, here’s a compilation of the best tweets about Sherry and Cary, our new favorite ship in the twistedYou universe!


    the most surprising twist is that I actually ended up liking Sherry & Cary at the end #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @vthevirgoo / Via Twitter: @vthevirgoo


    #YOUSEASON3 why did Love go and yell she murdered Natalie whilst Sherry and Cary were in the house? Then act all surprised they heard? #YouS3 #YouNetflix

    @Holliaietan / Via Twitter: @Holliaietan


    I actually like Cary and Sherry #YouNetflix

    @Halz_15 / Via Twitter: @Halz_15


    You know what.... I like Cary... he cool af with me now 🤗 and he fine af bless him. #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    @Robyninbloom / Via Twitter: @Robyninbloom


    how cary looks at himself in the mirror before jerking off to his reflection #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @leodicapriosfa1 / Via Twitter: @leodicapriosfa1


    Cary and Sherry on their ted talk #YouNetflix

    @4m1n3s / Via Twitter: @4m1n3s


    What I did like about #YouS3 is the alt trajectories #You takes with the characters. Joe becomes less complicated with each ep. While all the side characters (notably Sherry, Cary, Theo, & Matthew) all start out as tropes but by the end could front their own show. #YouNetflix

    @ChaoticSoul5 / Via Twitter: @ChaoticSoul5


    the sexual tension between Joe and Cary #younetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @ikruig / Via Twitter: @ikruig


    The colored flags thing Sherry and Cary did was probably the cutest sht I’ve seen on the show. #younetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    @dojabins / Via Twitter: @dojabins


    Sherry: When we get out of here, you’re gonna have all the burgers. Cary: And you’re gonna be the hottest one-eared bitch in Madre Linda. LMAO I love this couple so much 🥺 #YouNetflix #YouSeason3

    @rioriobangbang / Via Twitter: @rioriobangbang


    bisexual king cary conrad #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @bbxfans_ / Via Twitter: @bbxfans_


    Me with Sherry in Episode 1 vs Me with Sherry in the Finale #younetflix #YOUSEASON3 #YouS3

    @gaiaopulence / Via Twitter: @gaiaopulence


    Sherry Conrad is EVERYTHING!!!!! #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @dulcedelechepie / Via Twitter: @dulcedelechepie


    sherry conrad isn’t letting joe or love have any peace and i’m here for it #YOUSEASON3 #YouNetflix

    @richonneslasher / Via Twitter: @richonneslasher


    Me during Episode 1: I can’t wait for Love to kill Sherry😑 Me during Episode 10: LOVE BETTER NOT KILL SHERRY🥺 #you #YOUSEASON3 #younetflix

    @julia00466431 / Via Twitter: @julia00466431


    My emotional journey with Sherry and Cary over the course of #YOUSEASON3. #YouNetflix

    @miffedcupcake / Via Twitter: @miffedcupcake


    #YouS3 #younetflix Q: Who understood the assignment? A: Sherry Conrad aka @ShalitaGrant

    @MDwightKeller / Via Twitter: @MDwightKeller


    someone check on Shalita Grant and Travis Van Winkle they had to have broken their backs CARRYING season 3 of You

    @francescaaahhhh / Via Twitter: @francescaaahhhh


    “you’re gonna be the hottest one-eared bitch in madre linda” noooooo cause when did Sherry and Cary become otp goals 😭😭

    @sidivashkov / Via Twitter: @sidivashkov


    cary: i've loved every version of you, sherry #YouNetflix

    @thereafter / Via Twitter: @thereafter


    Sherry was the smartest character in YOU S3. ❤ I stan. Have brunch with me and bitch about my shoes after queen!!

    @BeeBabs / Via Twitter: @BeeBabs


    Sherry and Cary been kidnapped and they still handling it like couple of the year 😭 #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @verbalvelocity / Via Twitter: @verbalvelocity


    I’m obsessed w sherry and Cary in you season 3 sorry they’re legends

    @7AELEPTHY / Via Twitter: @7AELEPTHY


    Just when you think you know #YouS3 they drop a truly gem, “Some don’t understand that a bisexual man is a truly optimized man” like damn I want what Sherry and Cary have

    @prathikshasrini / Via Twitter: @prathikshasrini


    The real plot twist is you end up liking Sherry & Cary Conrad. #YouNetflix #YOUSEASON3

    @Teyamade / Via Twitter: @Teyamade


    I’m genuinely happy for the ending for Sherry & Cary. They genuinely deserved it #YouNetflix

    @CanUSayRhythm / Via Twitter: @CanUSayRhythm


    Ok I’ll say this much: Sherry & Cary Conrad have perfected the art of communication as a married couple loool #YouNetflix

    @UncoolTimi / Via Twitter: @UncoolTimi

    Were you, like the Conrads, in a glass case of emotion while watching Sherry and Cary? Let us know your thoughts about this power couple below.

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